It's Not Personalization in the Wrong Language

Doing multilingual personalization is easier than ever with Acquia Personalization. Stop struggling and communicate with customers on a global scale.

Last fall I had the pleasure of giving a talk in the UK at the Festival of Marketing titled “How to Fail at Personalization Personalisation.” Of course in the UK, the “z’s” are replaced with “s’s,” and I was going through this rather tedious exercise of checking my work, slide by slide, word by word, to ensure I hadn’t slipped up. While doing so, I felt the acute pain that many marketers do when trying to personalize experiences for audiences in the right dialect or language. 

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Let’s say you have one piece of content that you want to deliver to audiences in 10 different languages. If you are using a point solution like Evergage or Optimizely, you’ll need to create that piece of content in your CMS or DAM 10 times, once for each language. Then you will have to upload each of those 10 content pieces into the personalization engine and tag them one by one. Then (and this is where other CMS personalization solutions like Sitecore and Adobe catch up) you will have to manually map each of the 10 content pieces to 10 different segments, and then manually create 10 rules to map to each separate content piece...blah blah blah. 

Long story short, the process today sucks. It’s tedious, manual, frustrating and not scalable. What happens most of the time, regardless of what tool is being used, is that teams just don’t do it. They personalize in English and maybe one or two more languages. But that’s not going to cut it. An experience can’t be personal if it’s in the wrong language, and one-size-fits-all content isn’t enough in today’s experience-driven digital world where 79% of consumers won’t engage with a piece of content if it's not personalized.

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That frustrating, manual process doesn’t fly at Acquia. Over 20% of our personalization customers are located outside of the U.S., and more than 80% are delivering messaging in multiple languages. Our website personalization tool, Acquia Personalization, is the only one on the market today that’s optimized for Drupal. So what we did was leverage the power of Drupal’s advanced multilingual capabilities and bring that into Acquia Personalization. And we did it all in the back end, so that customers won’t have to do anything to deliver personalized content in the right language. Now, Acquia Personalization customers can now create content for personalization once, and Acquia Personalization will automatically (auto-"magically?") call the content in the right language, so the experience is contextual and personal for every site visitor no matter where they are across the globe. 

Here’s where I would normally show a gif or a video of what happens...but here’s the best part. It just happens.

The customer doesn’t have to do anything, it’s a fully automated experience behind the scenes. This is an exciting development because it’s something no other competitor on the market can do.

But most importantly, it is a massive development in Acquia’s continued journey to make personalization easier. Multilingual personalization with Acquia Personalization is simple for the end user as it happens automatically and is more scalable because it eliminates multiple steps in the personalization process. Any company located outside of the United States or trying to reach a global audience should consider Acquia Personalization for website personalization so they can communicate with their customers and prospects in any language. 

With Acquia Personalization’s multilingual capabilities, it’s easier than ever for marketers across the globe to build better, more relevant experiences for their visitors. And that’s the whole point of personalization, right?

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