How Unleashed Technologies Maps and Personalizes the Customer Journey

How Unleashed Technologies used Acquia Personalization to create a personalization strategy that mapped content throughout the customer journey.

In the fast-paced, constantly shifting technology landscape, digital leaders need to remember to look before they leap. Sure, no one wants to fall behind the innovation curve, but meaningful change can only be accomplished once an organization has established a solid foundation. As one of the first agencies participating in Acquia’s Personalization Solution Partner Program, Unleashed Technologies struck a balance between cutting-edge personalization practices and tried-and-true technical wisdom. 

Unleashed Technologies stands out in a saturated digital services space for their depth of knowledge and experience with Drupal and the open source community. Everyone on their web team must be certified in Drupal within their first 90 days of employment. The culture of the organization is focused on making sure developers know their craft and know it well to deliver the best services to their clients. Their team believes that personalization is the future of web experiences; however, personalization will only engage and connect with customers if it’s applied strategically and with a well-established purpose. Unleashed Technologies saw the Acquia Personalization Solutions Partner program as the best way to stay ahead of current technology, gather and understand essential user data and work alongside Acquia’s support experts to develop a deep understanding of the tool that could then be passed on to their clients.

Using Taxonomy to Map Content to the Customer 

As customers everywhere begin to expect more personalized experiences from every brand interaction, industries are rushing to personalize to stay competitive. Unleashed Technologies saw the Acquia Personalization Solutions program as an opportunity to better engage audiences through uniting customer data from multiple sources to deliver content in-context and customize the user experience on any channel. They wanted to offer content that would resonate with all of the diverse audiences that they serve as well as map content to each stage in the customer journey. For instance, a tech professional in the awareness stage may need access to educational resources and documentation, while business leaders or marketing professionals searching for solutions would be better served by content meant to demonstrate ROI and drive conversions.   

Unleashed Technologies used Acquia Personalization’s taxonomy feature to effectively map out the user personas they wanted to target and assign them the correct content types that aligned with both a user’s interest and activity throughout their journey. As Acquia Personalization collected information about site visitors, Unleashed Technologies could begin segmenting and targeting these users in great detail based on an expansive range of traits from device type to most viewed pages to favorite topics. The Unleashed Technologies team was impressed by the flexibility Acquia Personalization offered them to build out personalized fields and create campaigns beyond a few default field mappings. For instance, they built out a taxonomy system around different technology sectors that their audience may be searching for and were able to match content to each of these interest areas. Customizing their tagging system and personas at such an in-depth level with Acquia Personalization meant their personalization efforts felt more authentic. They’d gone beyond the basic plug-and-play approach of inserting a user’s first name and calling it a day. Instead, they can create truly dynamic web experiences across every part of their site from custom content blogs, editable forms and split-testing different headlines. 

Personalized Experiences on Every Channel With Content Hub

In addition to creating more personalized content tailored to each of these specific personas, Unleashed Technologies used Acquia Content Hub within Acquia Personalization to manage, repurpose and easily distribute content across multiple channels to reach as many users as possible. Rather than spend unnecessary time recreating the content and messaging they had already produced, Content Hub served as a centralized repository for web teams to drag-and-drop the right content in the right format to their preferred location. The combination of Content Hub and Acquia Personalization ensured that each personalized content type they created could be easily distributed across multiple pages, saving time and crafting connected, cohesive digital experiences.

What to Know Before Using Acquia Personalization

 Doing personalization the right way is an investment in time, resources, content and technology. Before setting off on personalization campaigns, businesses need to develop a structured methodology to understand their customer data and deploy this information in ways that align with the type of experiences your customers want to be having. When you’ve defined the kinds of interactions your audiences prefer and the metrics you’ll be using to determine success (repeat visitors, time on page, conversions, etc.) it will serve as a roadmap that will guide your personalization goals years down the line and span the entire buyer’s journey. As customers’ expectations grow, you’ll have clear insight and understanding of their needs and how to best engage them.

After leveraging the power of Acquia Personalization to better understand what content connected most with different customer types and stages, Unleashed Technologies saw the value in investing in a robust personalization strategy.

Here are their key pieces of advice to ensure clients can get the most value from Acquia Personalization technology as possible. 

  • Ensure your PHP base is up to date and that your code is running smoothly and  communicating with all other technologies
  • Set up sites on the most recent version of Drupal (Drupal 8) 
  • Collect and unify customer data from all of your systems
  • Make sure you have developed user personas and completed user journey mapping   

The need to discover and share content from every side of your organization is a huge barrier to companies hoping to connect with customers across their entire journey. Without the assurance that your teams have a full view of the customer from multiple data services and that the metrics you’re gathering are accurate, brand experiences can easily become unfocused and inconsistent. Acquia Personalization’s integration technologies connect data from every touchpoint to continuously build a unified customer profile that grows and adapts to new information. Acquia Personalization offered a complete, robust approach to personalization due to its powerful machine learning and data collection capabilities. Through a hands-on approach to gathering, analyzing and applying information, Unleashed Technologies passes on their learnings directly to clients. This means marketing teams can now conduct more complex personalization quickly and at scale.

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