Beautiful Drupal Experiences in Retail and CPG

These days, retail is about more than just the sale. See how retail and CPG brands create aspirational and beautiful customer experiences with Drupal.

For retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands, a website is often the first place a consumer goes to learn more about their products. In fact, almost 90% of consumers say they start their product journey on digital channels. The goal for brands, then, is to create a seamless and engaging digital experience that helps consumers along their journey toward a sale. That’s where Drupal comes in. With Drupal, retail and CPG companies can create clean, appealing website designs that draw consumers in so they can be educated about products, find a brick-and-mortar location or even complete a transaction. These days, retail is about more than just the sale; it’s about creating meaningful experiences that drive brand loyalty. So why not make that experience beautiful like the following three brands have?


hermes 1

With its covetable Birkin bags and silk scarves, Hermés is known for high-end luxury goods that are crafted by hand with the utmost skill and care. While most people visiting the Hermés website are seeking the latest looks of the season, the site delivers on that and more, by also providing glimpses, through video series, into how the brand impacts the men and women it employs, the planet it draws resources from and the communities it touches. For those of us not lucky enough to score a front-row seat at the runway show, the Hermés homepage features video of the show and offers an opportunity to dive deeper into information about the collection’s themes, the soundtrack for the runway and a look at the venue’s design aesthetic and atmosphere. As an e-commerce site, there is, of course, the opportunity to peruse the wares for purchase. On the product pages, you’ll not only get product images and details such as size and care instructions, but you’ll also get a bit of the story behind the product and what its inspiration was. For Hermés, it’s clear the digital experience is about more than driving a single purchase; it’s about telling stories that invite consumers into the aspirational lifestyle brand it has cultivated.

hermes 2

King Arthur Baking


For more than 200 years, dating back to the American Revolution, King Arthur Baking has been providing flour to America’s bakers. While traditionally, you would expect to purchase flour and other baking supplies from the store, now, even the supermarket has been digitized. On King Arthur Baking’s site, not only can you buy flour, vanilla and other ingredients needed to bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch, but you can find all the resources you need to perfect those cookies: the recipe, tips on how to measure flour or adjust for altitude, reviews and Q&As from the baking community, skills demo videos, baking school classes and even a baker’s hotline in case your cookies were a flop. For professional or commercial bakers, the site offers bakery formulas to help you master a delicious brioche, as well as guides to finding the perfect flour no matter your dietary needs, such as high gluten flours for bagels or type 00 flour for pizza dough. The mouth-watering photos and recipes inspire bakers to fulfill King Arthur Flour’s mission: spread the joy of baking. Just like a warm brownie can be the perfect pick-me-up after a long day, King Arthur Baking believes in the power of baking to make a difference. Its website empowers bakers of all levels from kids to home bakers to professional bakers to do just that.

flour 2


lush 1

From fizzy bath bombs to natural, handmade cosmetic products, Lush is known as much for their fresh innovations in the skin and hair care space as their values and ethics. Committed to vegetarian ingredients, animal cruelty-free practices and sustainability, Lush highlights these values upfront on their bold, colorful website homepage right alongside the new products of the season. Given the uniqueness of some of Lush’s products, customers can learn what shower jelly is or how to wash their hair using a shampoo bar. To educate customers and move them along the buyer journey, Lush publishes tons of relevant content: product descriptions, instructions, reviews and even a full, clickable ingredients list, in case customers want to dive deeper into the wonders of a coumarin shower bomb. In some cases, Lush takes it another level offering videos demonstrating use and information about how ingredients for that product were sourced sustainably. In the age of the informed consumer, Lush is meeting their demands for transparency while also helping them along their journey of self-care with product recommendations. 



These days, retail and CPG brands need to do more than just drive consumers toward a purchase. Whether a brand is selling luxury leather goods or shampoo, it needs to focus on creating loyalty with consumers and the first step to doing that is through the online experience. No matter what experience the brand is trying to create, whether educational in nature or aspirational, Drupal enables the creation of websites and digital experiences that will draw consumers in and get them to stay for more than just a transaction. 

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