Announcing Acquia Journey: Orchestrate the Best Customer Experience


Acquia is proud to announce the release of Acquia Journey, a journey orchestration solution that enables your brand to plan, orchestrate, react to and trigger real-time customer experiences. Acquia Journey enables brands to map out ideal customer journeys and connect disparate marketing technology serving different journey touchpoints. Plus, it unifies all sources of your customer data to create a centralized profile that helps overcome one of the most painful marketing challenges: truly understanding your customers so you can effectively serve their wants and needs.

Consumers expect highly engaging, personalized experiences when they interact with a brand -- every brand, your brand. Long gone is the one-size-fits-all website or email campaign. Today, the right information, offer or ad must be delivered, at the precise moment, via any number of channels: website, mobile app, commerce site, email, SMS, social networks (like Twitter and Facebook), even in-store and customer service channels.

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Welcome to the customer journey, where customers weave their way over time, across multiple touch points, on a path of their own making. They take actions and steps that, in a perfect world, align with your goals: a conversion, purchase, download, or visit to your store that converts or maintains them as a satisfied and loyal customer. You know customers want to be understood. They want you to know who they are, and expect you to use that knowledge wisely when they visit your digital or traditional channels. But in the pursuit of large-scale omnichannel personalization, organizations have introduced serious complexity. They’ve invested in many different, disconnected marketing and ad technologies meant to drive online and offline experiences. Yet, personalization across all or even parts of the journey has been elusive due to customer data being fragmented across different systems and channels.

It’s time to put the customer first and finally meet their expectations at each step. This is difficult but mandatory to meet the aspirations of your customers, satisfy their demands, grow sales, and build brand loyalty. Brands need to catch customers in the moment to deliver the best-next action at a precise time and on the right channel. But the customer journey isn’t one campaign. It requires a more informed approach.

Most organizations are asking, how can we better know our customers and make managing this journey easier? The challenge is in the execution, using journey orchestration to make delivering impactful, personalized experiences possible at every touchpoint.

Solving Omnichannel Personalization Challenges with Acquia Journey

We’ve heard countless marketers, brand managers, commerce leaders and digital technologists complain that they haven’t achieved the vision of delivering experiences that span multiple touchpoints and serve customers in a personalized, individual way based on the complete customer context.

That’s where Acquia Journey comes in.

Acquia Journey is technology agnostic; it connects all of your technology, campaigns, and customer touch points so you can achieve the omnichannel vision of the right experience or offer for customers at the right time.


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With Acquia Journey:

  • Marketers can deliver contextual, individualized campaigns, offers and communications to visitors based on actions happening in real-time across any channel
  • Customer experience teams can build customer loyalty and lifetime value by ensuring they receive “best-next” contextual offers, triggered at the right step in the journey
  • Commerce managers can increase sales by targeting prospective customers with offers, abandoned cart reminders, recommendations, and other trigger actions based on real-time data and analyze results instantly.
  • Digital marketing agencies can orchestrate journey-centric marketing strategies that achieve or exceed conversion and other metrics for their clients.

We’re excited about this new addition to our platform portfolio, which builds on a decade of helping thousands of customers create, manage and deliver ambitious digital experiences.

"For too long marketers have been sold monolithic solutions to cope with an ever-complicated array of demands. In truth, the customer journey is the only thing that matters. With Acquia Journey, marketers can focus on guiding their customers to the most appropriate outcomes.

The power of Acquia Journey lies in the ability to connect a company’s martech stack with unified customer profiles and a journey-orchestration engine that turns marketing theory into action, delivering the best-next engagement opportunity for each customer." - Christopher Stone, Acquia Chief Products Officer

Acquia Journey allows organizations to cross the chasm from siloed campaigns and advertising to connected, contextual journeys that meet individual customer's needs. With journey-based experiences, organizations can create higher relevance to achieve more results and drive higher conversion, revenue and loyalty.

To learn more about our journey orchestration solution, visit Acquia Journey or contact our team for a demo.

David Aponovich

David Aponovich

Sr. Director, Product Marketing Acquia, Inc.

David Aponovich is senior director of product marketing at Acquia, where he helps articulate the benefits of Acquia solutions including Acquia Journey, the company’s customer journey orchestration solution, and trends in digital experience.

Prior to joining Acquia, he was a senior analyst at Forrester Research, where he researched web content management and digital experience technology and consulted to Forrester’s global clients on their digital transformation initiatives. He also spent six years as web content management strategy consultant at agency Connective DX, and previously was marketing director at a WCM software vendor.