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Customer Journey Mapping for B-to-B Storytelling

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Create and Deliver Effective Customer Journeys Without a Marathon Effort

Today, every business wants to develop deeper connections with its customers. But often, all the good work that leads up to a sale simply isn’t carried through to what happens after a customer makes a purchase.

This can leave significant value on the table.

What’s needed is a way to document post-purchase touchpoints, showing how customers continue to interact with your business after a sale and what really matters for a mutually rewarding ongoing relationship.

Ultimately, this will enable you to identify the key moments when you can increase your customers’ level of engagement by demonstrating you truly understand their needs.

In this briefing, SiriusDecisions shows how today’s customer experience professionals can use customer journey mapping to clearly identify the connections between actions and impacts. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to develop greater empathy with their customers.


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