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How an Open Digital Platform Can Eliminate Silos

As the customer journey becomes more complex, marketers are challenged to create experiences ideally suited to every touchpoint and device. Content is key to this effort, yet most companies lack a way to consistently create content once and make it available to be published across all channels. Consequently, marketers typically copy and paste, endlessly replicating content from one format and digital experience to another in a process that lacks version control and efficiency.

Acquia solves this problem with a Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) solution in Acquia Content Cloud, a no-code application for simplified content creation and syndication to support multi-channel digital experiences.

The complexity of content creation 

Content remains an essential element of brand marketing today. From blogs, e-books, ads and web copy to videos, graphics, webinars and animations, content is typically the way that customers first become aware of and interact with a brand.

The goal for marketers is to deliver exceptional content across multiple channels and devices. Often, this means taking content created for one channel – for example, copy created for social media – and copying, pasting and reformatting it into another format such as email or landing page. This “copy & paste conundrum” creates a great deal of complexity, inefficiency and problems with version control in the content creation process. 

Additionally, as content is copied from one channel to another by different authors, ensuring consistent quality and brand standards becomes nearly impossible. And because content is often created on multiple systems, marketing teams have trouble even knowing exactly what content assets are available, and managing access and governance is an ongoing challenge.

To eliminate this complexity and enable marketing teams and organizations to focus on creating content that better connects with customers, Acquia provides a solution for developing, storing and syndicating content in Acquia Content Cloud.

Simplify the content creation process with Acquia Content Cloud

Acquia Content Cloud is a turnkey content authoring service that represents a paradigm shift in content creation. Content Cloud is a SaaS-based application that lets digital teams create content once and publish it everywhere – across Drupal sites, decoupled web applications, native mobile applications and other channels.

Rather than replacing your CMS solution, digital asset management system or open source WCM, Content Cloud complements them, serving as an easy-to-access repository where content can be stored and kept ready for use across any channel or device. Content Cloud reduces maintenance and security concerns, clearly defines the content and user governance experience and reduces the number of one-off content structures.

Content Cloud provides digital teams with:

  • A structured approach to content: By standardizing content types and content components, Content Cloud makes it easy to deploy content across multiple channels and touchpoints.
  • A single source of truth: Content Cloud provides a centralized content repository that eliminates data silos and creates a single place where content teams and digital experience builders can find and pull the content they need.
  • An easy-to-use system: Content Cloud eliminates the need to login to and create content across multiple disconnected systems. With Acquia, you can create content without concern for where it will be used.
  • A developer-friendly technology: As an API-first platform, Content Cloud lets developers and digital experience builders pull content they need into whatever system they’re working with, whether it’s a Drupal website or a headless application.
  • Easy governance and access controls: Managers and administrators can assign and monitor access privileges across individuals and teams, easily managing approvals and setting parameters on where content can and cannot be used.

Benefits of Acquia Content Cloud 

With Content Cloud, digital and development teams can:

  • Create, edit and approve content independent of where it will be used.
  • Schedule content to go live at any point in the future to any number of sites or channels.
  • Maintain content throughout multiple disconnected systems.
  • Easily include rich media such as images, videos and animations.
  • Support decoupled/headless experiences on any channel with support for multiple modern and simple API formats like GraphQL and JSON:API.
  • Integrate Content Cloud with new and existing Drupal sites to support easy content syndication. 
  • Easily manage governance and control over who can access, edit and use content.
  • Increase workflow flexibility, enabling content and development teams to work independently.

Why simplify content creation with Acquia? 

Acquia is a leading innovator of open source content management and digital experience solutions. With software and services built around the Drupal content management platform, Acquia enables ambitious brands to embrace innovation more easily and to create more customer moments that matter. Acquia’s suite of open source solutions delivers the tools to create best-in-class websites, mobile apps and other digital experiences, and to simplify automation, personalization and orchestration of marketing campaigns.

Acquia is the natural choice for companies creating Drupal-based experiences. Drupal is in our DNA – our founder, Dries Buytaert, is also the creator of Drupal, and our developers have

unique insight into the inner workings of the Drupal platform. With Acquia, you can get the most out of your Drupal CMS   and create experiences that build stronger relationships with customers.


FAQs: What is Acquia Content Cloud?

What is Acquia Content Cloud?

Acquia Content Cloud is a Content-as-a-Service solution that simplifies the process of creating content once and publishing it to multiple channels and devices, eliminating silos of content within an organization. Content Cloud serves as central repository of content, complementing content authoring, CMS and marketing automation systems.

What are the benefits of Acquia Content Cloud?

With Content Cloud, organizations can dramatically simplify the process of content creation and syndication to support multi-channel digital experiences. Content Cloud streamlines and centralizes authoring, allowing marketers to create content without worrying about the format it will be presented in and making it easy to use content across any channel, on any device and in any context.