For brands that are striving to better engage audiences and create more compelling customer moments, a CMS built on Drupal provides the tools to create best-in-class digital experiences. As the world’s leading open source cloud content management system (CMS), Drupal promotes continuous digital innovation that enables the world’s most ambitious brands to create increasingly powerful websites, mobile apps and other digital experiences.

For a solution that leverages the power of the Drupal CMS, Acquia provides a full-featured open digital experience platform with tools for building, managing and optimizing digital experiences and personalizing and orchestrating marketing campaigns.

Why brands need a new CMS based on Drupal

Many brands may be reluctant to migrate from the legacy CMS platform or web content management system (WCM) in which they have invested so much. But while change is hard, the digital landscape is rapidly evolving and to stay at the forefront of this digital wave, brands need the power of a Drupal-based CMS to overcome the many limitations of their legacy CMS solution. With a CMS for Drupal, brands can:

  • Deliver dynamic content to new devices and channels. Most legacy CMS systems were designed solely for managing web content and were built before mobile devices and other new digital interfaces were essential parts of multichannel marketing. A CMS based on Drupal enables brands to serve content to mobile devices, native mobile apps and other channels that customers use.
  • Leverage data from disparate enterprise systems. As an open source CMS, Drupal can easily be integrated with other elements of the martech stack to give marketing teams access to data that would be constrained in silos with legacy systems.
  • Eliminate CMS licensing fees. An open source WCM or CMS like Drupal allows brands to forgo the hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing fees required by proprietary CMS technology each year.
  • Innovate at the speed of change. While legacy systems built on proprietary code can only be developed and extended by a vendor’s in-house development team, open source systems benefit from a vast community of users and contributors who are continually extending the capabilities and usefulness of the platform and constantly providing new functionality.

Acquia is the #1 CMS for Drupal

Acquia is an open digital experience platform built for the Drupal CMS. Leveraging the features, capabilities and flexibility of the Drupal platform, Acquia provides tools that help brands build more compelling digital experiences across all channels, personalize communications and automate marketing campaigns.

With Acquia as your CMS on the Drupal platform, you can:

What can you do with Acquia’s CMS for Drupal? 

With a CMS with Drupal and Acquia, your digital teams can:

  • Create more ambitious digital appearances: With Acquia, brands can build, manage and optimize world-class experiences for websites, mobile apps and a myriad of other digital platforms.
  • Personalize customer communications: Acquia makes it easy for developers, marketers and non-technical users to personalize content based on a visitor’s preferences and intent.
  • Build sites quickly: Acquia offers out-of-the-box tools that allow developers to quickly begin building websites and delivering digital experiences.
  • Scale quickly to hundreds of sites: Acquia lets digital teams build and manage hundreds of experiences from a single platform.
  • Create front-end experiences with preferred tools: With support for decoupled Drupal architecture, Acquia allows developers to use any front-end tools they choose to build experiences on a broad range of channels devices.
  • Work easily with other colleagues: With customizable workflows, geographically diverse teams can collaborate on building, managing and sharing content using a common set of tools.
  • Hand off-platform management tasks to Acquia: As a cloud-based CMS for Drupal, Acquia relieves digital teams from the responsibility of managing CMS software and platforms.

What makes Acquia a great CMS for Drupal?

Acquia was made for Drupal. In fact, both Acquia and Drupal share the same founder, and Acquia is a leading contributor to Drupal 8. With the Acquia platform as your Drupal CMS, you get a solution that leverages Drupal’s features and functionality to deliver unparalleled ability to quickly deploy and manage multichannel content across a broad array of platforms and devices.

FAQs: what is a CMS based on Drupal?

What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management system that millions of individuals and organizations around the world use to create and manage websites, applications and other digital experiences.

What is a CMS based on Drupal?

While Drupal is considered a content management system, it can also serve as the foundation of CMS solutions with even more functionality. Acquia is an open digital experience platform built around Drupal that provides additional solutions and capabilities to provide brands with a full-featured CMS based on the Drupal platform.