The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, with new channels and interactive devices seeming to emerge almost daily. For marketers seeking to reach customers across an omnichannel journey, this diversity of digital experiences adds significant challenges to the task of creating a superior customer experience on every touchpoint. A CMS platform that focuses solely on creating, editing and repurposing content is simply no longer enough – organizations today need a digital experience platform that can simplify the complexity of the digital ecosystem and focus marketing teams on creating extraordinary digital experiences. 

For companies seeking powerful solutions for building, managing and optimizing world-class digital experiences, Acquia provides an open digital experience platform built for Drupal.

The challenge of creating superior digital experiences

The explosion of digital channels has made the customer journey infinitely more difficult to manage. Users today may start their journey on a mobile app, interact later with the same brand on a social platform, jump to a website for a bit to get more information, and then cycle back later through a voice experience with a personal digital assistant. Marketers no longer own all the touchpoints, making the task of ensuring an optimum digital experience even harder.

Superior digital experiences rely on personalization, and personalization requires lots of data to get a 360° view of the customer. Yet data today is often locked away in silos, with information spread among web content managers, CRM systems, email marketing platforms and social media tools. This reflects yet another challenging reality – many departments within the organization are siloed does well, with web teams, email teams and e-commerce teams often working independently.

Multiply these challenges by the scale of a global enterprise and difficulty of delivering outstanding digital experiences becomes even clearer.

To enable digital teams to solve these challenges, organizations need solutions that can eliminate silos, provide a complete view of the customer and distribute highly personalized content across multiple channels. Only an open digital experience platform can deliver on all counts.

Acquia: the open digital experience platform for Drupal

Acquia is an open digital experience platform built for Drupal that enables marketing teams to build, manage and optimize digital experiences all on one platform. Offering a comprehensive suite of software solutions and services, Acquia gives enterprises the ability to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter.

As an open, API-first solution, Acquia connects all the siloed data within the organization to provide one view of content whether it’s structured, unstructured or rich media, or behavioral data, transactional data or third-party data from a DMP system. Acquia connects easily with multiple channels, too, serving cohesive and consistent brand content to a wide range of devices and platforms. And with Acquia, personalizing that content – the key to superior digital experiences - is as easy as point-and-click. 

Acquia also supports a headless Drupal or a hybrid approach to creating digital experiences, enabling organizations to use Drupal’s powerful CMS as the back-end while choosing the best tools for the job to render the front-end experience.

Acquia’s comprehensive solutions 

The Acquia digital experience and cloud marketing platform includes solutions for building and managing best-in-class experiences, as well as tools for personalizing, automating and orchestrating marketing campaigns. 

  • Acquia Cloud provides hosted Drupal along with tools for building and managing Drupal-based digital experiences.
  • Acquia Site Factory enables teams to manage and centralize hundreds of Drupal websites at a global scale.
  • Acquia Lightning enables developers to build better Drupal sites faster.
  • Acquia Site Studio is a low-code add-on for more inclusive, collaborative and agile development. 
  • Acquia Digital Asset Manager is a cloud-based tool for storing and managing digital assets across all Drupal sites.
  • Acquia Commerce provides a secure and flexible platform for content-rich experiential commerce.
  • Acquia Personalization provides digital teams with point-and-click tools to personalize content.
  • Acquia Customer Data Platform helps marketers listen to and learn from customers, to better determine what content users need based on a sequence of personalized touchpoints.
  • Acquia Campaign Studio is a solution for sending and personalizing multi-channel communications at scale.
  • Acquia Campaign Factory helps to manage multiple Campaign Studio marketing automation accounts.

Advantages of the Acquia digital experience platform

With Acquia platform, organizations can:

  • Build best-in-class digital experiences across all channels: Acquia empowers digital teams to deliver personalized content to multiple sites and audiences.
  • Personalize easily: Acquia’s personalization capabilities allow marketers and digital teams to customize content without needing help from IT.
  • Enable decoupled Drupal architecture: With support for Node.js runtime, Acquia enables front-end developers to use their tools of choice to create content-rich experiences on any channel and device. 
  • Scale to hundreds of sites as needed: Acquia’s digital experience platform enables your digital teams to build hundreds of ambitious digital experiences, managing and optimizing them all on a single platform. 
  • Future-proof your technology: As an open solution, Acquia enables digital experiences and the technologies that support them to evolve as new digital channels emerge and as customer needs change.

FAQs: what is a digital experience?

What is a digital experience?

A digital experience is an interaction between an organization and a user such as a customer, employee or partner that is made possible by digital technologies. 

What is a digital experience platform?

A digital experience platform, or DXP, is a set of technologies that enables companies to create, manage, deliver and optimize digital experiences. A superior digital experience platform should integrate a wide variety of technologies to enable a continuous and seamless customer journey across channels.