As enterprises seek new tools to engage audiences throughout an increasingly complicated customer journey, more digital teams are turning to Drupal content management solutions. As an open source platform that is used by many of the world’s most recognizable brands, the Drupal content management system delivers the tools to build better sites and experiences faster and to manage and deliver content across multiple channels and devices.

Acquia provides a full-featured digital experience platform built on the Drupal content management system that combines the power of Drupal with easy-to-use solutions for building, managing, optimizing and personalizing web, mobile and digital experiences.

The challenge of legacy CMS systems

A Drupal content management solution like Acquia enables enterprises to overcome all the limitations of a traditional legacy content management system

  • A legacy CMS solution was likely designed before mobile platforms and other digital interfaces were part of mainstream enterprise communications. Without the ability to deliver dynamic content to mobile devices and native mobile apps, enterprises can’t keep pace with the needs and expectations of users.
  • Legacy solutions are expensive to own, with licenses that may run into the thousands or millions of dollars. And rather than investing in innovation, these fees are merely propping up a dying business model.
  • Legacy systems tend to create more problems than they solve. Because legacy systems can’t keep up with the growing number of new interfaces, digital teams are left to cobble together multiple workarounds to manage websites, social media, and e-commerce sites.
  • Legacy systems are limiting. Built on proprietary code that can only be developed by a vendor’s in-house bench of development resources, legacy systems simply lack the resources to evolve at the speed that the digital landscape is changing.

Acquia: the #1 solution for a Drupal content management solution

Acquia is an open digital experience platform built for Drupal. Leveraging the powerful features and capabilities of Drupal content management solutions, Acquia enables organizations to build ambitious digital experiences across all channels to create more customer moments that matter.

With Drupal content management technology, Acquia provides a suite of solutions that enable you to:

Benefits of a Drupal content management system with Acquia

With Acquia’s Drupal content management solution, your digital teams can:

  • Launch sites quickly: Drupal provides out-of-the-box tools that allow development and marketing teams to quickly start building websites and delivering content.
  • Build ambitious digital experiences: With a Drupal content management system, organizations can build, manage and optimize best-in-class experiences on websites, mobile apps and other digital channels.
  • Scale easily to hundreds of sites: Acquia makes it easy to build and manage hundreds of digital experiences on a single platform.
  • Personalize content for individual visitors: With Acquia, developers and marketers can personalize content based on a visitor’s interest and intent, customizing everything from the homepage down to specific content on individual pages. 
  • Enjoy built-in security and meet compliance objectives: Acquia provides built-in security along with optional add-ons to strengthen defenses, and Acquia is independently validated for compliance with global regulatory frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA and FedRAMP.
  • Design front-end experiences with the tools of their choice: Acquia provides support for decoupled Drupal architecture, enabling developers to use any front-end tools as they design experiences for customers on a wide variety of channels and devices.
  • Collaborate easily with other departments: Customizable workflows allow diverse teams to build, manage and share content with a common set of tools.
  • Leave the configuration, management, monitoring and upgrades to Acquia: As a cloud-based Drupal content management system, Acquia frees digital teams from the need to manage software and platform infrastructure.

Why a Drupal CMS is better with Acquia

At Acquia, we have Drupal in our DNA. Our founder, Dries Buytaert, is also the founder of Drupal, and no one knows Drupal better than Acquia. Our company continues to be the leading contributor to Drupal 8, and as a Drupal content management system, we have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to build and optimize remarkable digital experiences and customer moments that matter. With Acquia’s content cloud platform as your Drupal content management solution, you get a platform that was built around Drupal to provide you with the unparalleled ability to rapidly deploy and manage multichannel content across web and mobile devices.

FAQs: What is Drupal?

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free, open source content management system that is used by millions of people and organizations around the world to build and manage websites, web applications and other digital experiences. 

What are the benefits of a Drupal content management system?

Drupal provides a powerful set of features for authoring, editing, collaborating on, approving, scheduling and serving content to a wide variety of interfaces. As an open source platform, Drupal provides greater cost-savings, freedom, flexibility, security and accountability than proprietary systems. Google is also backed by a large and supportive community of users, developers and contributors who help to extend the platform and improve Drupal’s functionality.