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Catalog, control, and distribute rich media assets from a central source of truth. The Assets application is the core of our digital asset management (DAM) solution. It offers a unique balance of configurability and ease-of-use to accelerate your content operations.


How assets work

Use Cases


Quickly get your marketing, sales, or creative department up and running with access to the latest content.


Collaborate in one system for all employees. Take advantage of unlimited users, user roles, and metadata schemas.


Connect atomized content to customer data to power personalized experiences using the API-first architecture.

Improve Access to Digital Assets

Maximize the use of content by giving users a variety of ways to find exactly what they need.

  • Categories make browsing a snap by helping users drill down through a menu structure
  • Keyword, predictive, advanced, and faceted search help users find assets quickly
  • Dashboards present users with role-specific messages, spotlight searches, asset collections, and saved searches for a personalized experience
Picture of someone using Acquia's DAM product
Picture of someone using Acquia's DAM product

Control Content Across Its Lifecycle

Manage assets across the content lifecycle: plan, create, manage, distribute, optimize, and archive.

  • A single repository for brand and product content
  • Version control that includes asset history
  • Numerous ways to share assets, including email, collections, share links, embed codes, and curated portals
  • Integrations to sync data across other marketing technology (martech) tools
  • Storage for old or expired content in a searchable archive

Automate Content-Related Workflows

Use automation to guide content through content creation, review, approval, and distribution. 

  • AI powered autotagging, upload profiles, and bulk uploading and editing make it faster to apply accurate, complete metadata 
  • Publish an asset with embed codes, edit the master file, and it will update automatically wherever it lives online
  • Convert images and videos on the fly to optimize them for specific channels and use cases
Picture of someone using Acquia's DAM product
Picture of someone using Acquia's DAM product

Protect Brand Assets

Protect your brand from inconsistencies and image rights violations.

  • Assets protects your brand with version control, asset expiration dates, custom watermarks, and EULA sign-off
  • Asset expiration dates can trigger an asset to be unavailable to download, share, or view 
  • Manage users with flexible governance controls that ensure security and scalability – great for setting business unit, brand, or regional access

The Texans Streamlines Image Distribution

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