Distributed Marketing

Distributed Marketing

Brand-of-brands, global and partner-led businesses all must deliver experiences consistently and efficiently, no matter where customers choose to engage. Enable your entire organization to nurture lasting customer relationships and scale effectively.

Scale With A Multi-Tenant Environment

Easily support every aspect of your business – from brands, business units, geographies, to teams – with the flexibility to centrally or locally manage their multiple environments, scaling with your business as it grows.


Empower Everyone To Make An Impact

Deploy entire Acquia Campaign Studio instances configured with your best practices, campaigns and more in one click. Provide every team with the audience relevant to their objectives, without duplication with their own connected Acquia CDP instance.

Connected Customer Journeys

Connect customer journeys by deploying pre-built campaigns – from workflows and segments to content and personalization – that unify engagement.

Marketing Cloud - Tech Feature
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Unlock and unify your data to generate rich insights that drive engagement. Drive stronger ROI through smarter marketing and cultivating authentic experiences.

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Democratize data across your organization through visual, easy to use dashboards, reports, and ad-hoc analysis. Empower all teams with access to data that's easy to understand—and put to work.

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