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Create the journey

Leverage marketing automation to deliver campaigns across channels that meet your customers where they are at every phase of the customer journey.

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[Icon - Blue] Journey Builder
Journey Builder

Visually map your journeys to engage with customers across channels. Automate and orchestrate your marketing to bring each journey to life.

[Icon - Blue] Email Builder
Email Builder

Better emails, faster. Use a drag-and-drop interface to build responsive emails that deploy in minutes to maximize your time spent delivering campaigns.

Acquia Campaign Studio Top Features
Orchestrate experiences at scale. Design individual touch points, deliver campaigns, then report on the results.
Customer Journey Orchestration
Launch personalized multi-touch, multi-wave campaigns, execute tests, and measure results in minutes, not days.
Journey Builder
Orchestrate automated campaigns with intuitive workflows that let you coordinate any channel; online or offline.
Any & All Channels
Native plugins, integrations, and open APIs provide the freedom to integrate data and orchestrate any channel.
Email Builder
A no-code email builder for anyone to create personalized, responsive emails without HTML.
Landing Pages
Easily customize individual landing pages with content tailored and styled for your target audience.
Custom Objects
Hand select data fields so that lead records across your CRM or e-commerce platforms are as rich and unique as you need
Dynamic Content
Use real-time insight to personalize experiences by delivering individually relevant content across channels.
Website Tracking
Turn your website into your most valuable asset with insight that helps you get to know your visitors better.
Test your hypotheses by creating A/B tests on multiple variables to ensure you are maximizing engagement.
Easily build audiences based on behavior and customize campaigns tailor-made for individuals and groups alike.
Lead Scoring
Track leads throughout the entire lifecycle with an out of the box points system or a customized scoring system that works for your business
Contact List Management
Easily manage your contact hygiene to ensure GDPR compliance and maintain your sender score without the headache.
Keep tabs on all your ongoing programs and leverage the reporting to inform & optimize your campaigns.