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Now Tech: Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Forrester defines CCCM as: Enterprise marketing technology that supports customer data management, analytics, segmentation, and workflow tools.
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Enable More Relevant Marketing With CCCM

Empowered customers quickly lose patience with brands that target them with irrelevant marketing offers.

Marketers understand that their traditional marketing and advertising campaigns must become more customer-centric if they are to meet heightened customer expectations. The right Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) solution is a key player in your current martech ecosystem, with the power to help you evolve at the speed your consumer demands. 

In Forrester’s report, they lay out the keys to selecting a CCCM solution. When you choose the right solution, your organization has the power to: 

Develop deeper levels of customer understanding. 

A holistic customer data management and analytics strategy sets the foundation for an effective martech ecosystem. Be sure your CCCM solution empowers marketing with user-friendly tools to aggregate customer data from disparate sources and quickly derive insights that optimize customer engagement.

Orchestrate contextually relevant customer experiences. 

Rebooting your campaigns for moments-based marketing requires real-time connections to all customer touchpoints. Your CCCM solution must act as an always-on marketing hub that can align scheduled campaigns with trigger-based responses and predictive offers that anticipate customer needs.

Amplify your brand strategy. 

Personalized experiences resonate with customers on an emotional level when they manifest a brand’s unique customer obsession strategy. Effective CCCM deployments bring your creative brand strategy investments to life with tools that personalize and optimize customer experience (CX) across the entire customer lifecycle.

Download the report to get Forrester’s expert take on the CCCM landscape.