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Edge CDN & Edge Security

The fastest and most secure technology for delivering digital experiences

As security threats and application delivery expectations evolve, leveraging all of the data in the network is critical for ensuring application security and performance.
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Billion Cyber attacks blocked each day (Q4 2019)
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Cities in the largest global CDN network


Acquia Edge

Your customers expect your site to be fast. Your customers expect your site to be secure.

Edge CDN & Edge Security enable your sites to be delivered faster than the blink of an eye (literally) and provide comprehensive protection against threats to application security. By leveraging a self-learning network, Edge CDN & Security become more performant, secure, and intelligent with each request.

Acquia Cloud Edge

Performance Highlights

Scale Globally

Over 200 PoPs to accelerate application delivery, mobile experiences, and ensure availability. This global reach enables you to deliver content within 100 milliseconds to 99% of the world's Internet-connected population - that's 1/4 of a blink of an eye (400 miliseconds).

Optimize Application Delivery

Automatically optimize the delivery of your Drupal web pages leveraging a global anycast network so your visitors get the fastest page load times and best performance from wherever they are around the world. 

Decrease Load Times

Cut your page load times by up to 50 percent, and decrease the number of requests hitting your origin web servers by up to 65 percent. All this while decreasing bandwidth utilization by up to 60 percent.

Security Highlights

Proven DDoS Protection

Edge Security's network capacity is 15 times bigger than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded. With 20 Tbps of capacity, it can handle any modern distributed attack, including those targeting DNS infrastructure.

Web Application Firewall

Edge Security mitigates over 90 percent of this HTTP attack traffic with its proven web application firewall (WAF), blunting the attack and enabling your Drupal site to stay online.

100% cloud-based WAF

No hardware no lengthy installs or costly and extensive support or maintenance needed.

Acquia Cloud Edge Add-ons

Fine-tune your performance and security with powerful Edge add-ons


Our security experts will get you provisioned, configured and on-boarded fast.


Lets developers run custom code in a server-less environment at the edge allowing for unmatched security and performance.


Authentication that centrally manages access with security policies and logging using popular identity providers.

Argo Smart Routing

Reduce latency by 35% on average with Waze-like packet traffic routing

China CDN

Optimizes internet experiences while in China across 25 mainland Chinese data centers 

Rate Limits

Provides granular controls to detect bad traffic, customized rulesets, insights to improve your security posture 

Additional SSL Certs

Easily and quickly issue new SSL certificates and securely generate private keys.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP-enabled pages are caches throughout 165+ global data centers results in 3x faster loading times. 


Improve mobile and desktop ad delivery speed by 5x to maximize marketing ad performance 

Mutual TLS

Protect against IoT attacks with signed certificates for internet devices

Load Balancing

Geo-steering, monitoring and failover for your Internet facing infrastructure enhancing service availability. 

“Smart” Subdomains

Manage any subdomain as if it is a top-level domain with individual settings and organization.