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Your complete Drupal development toolchain. The world's only full stack Drupal development platform.

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A Complete Drupal Dev Toolchain

Introducing the world's only full stack Drupal platform for development.

Code Studio makes building Drupal applications easy. Accelerate your production with a complete set of tools that enable your teams to plan, build, test, review, and deploy from a single, customizable workflow. 

The Refreshed Drupal Dev Toolkit

Launch Applications Faster With Automated DevOps

Unlike every other continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), customers don’t need to build their own CI/CD process. We’ll build and manage it so it’s always up to snuff with the latest best practices.

Keep Applications Up to Date

Automatically update Composer packages, replace deprecated custom code, and submit changes for review in a dedicated review environment. Streamline your WebOps workflow with Drupal best practices built in.

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Eliminate Web Development Silos

Build Drupal applications faster. Accelerate production with a complete toolset that enables your teams to plan, build, test, review, and deploy from a single, customizable workflow that integrates with Acquia Cloud Platform.

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Deliver Content Continuously

Release improvements to your Drupal application multiple times per day without fear of regressions. Implement real continuous delivery on Code Studio for greater productivity and more consistent content.

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Govern WebOps

Assign ownership and accountability across your development lifecycle and enforce processes for your entire team.

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See how easy it is with Code Studio to automatically build, test and deploy your Drupal site every time you make a code change.

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Acquia Named a Leader in Digital Experience by G2

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Acquia and GitLab

Acquia partnered with GitLab to offer Code Studio: a fully managed CI/CD pipeline optimized for Drupal. Acquia owns and automates the hard parts of Drupal development so you can stay focused on what's most valuable.

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End-To-End Drupal DevOps

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Build, test, and deploy Drupal apps with managed CI pipelines. Install dependencies, scan and test code, create a review environment, and deploy.

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Automatic Updates

Automatically update your Composer packages, replace deprecated custom code, and submit changes for review, then deploy.

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Your Dev Tools All in One Place

With an integrated toolset optimized for Drupal, development teams no longer need to maintain integrations or complex toolchains.

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Acquia + GitLab

We host and manage GitLab on our infrastructure and build Drupal specialized features on top of GitLab to deliver the best tools possible.


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Press Release

Acquia Announces Major Code Studio Updates


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Additional Resources

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Code Studio Dev Portal

Knowledge hub for developers using Code Studio

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Documentation Portal

Docs, code snippets, & tutorials

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Acquia Academy

Learn and track your progress

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The easy-to-use deploy features help our development team to speed up things, and the low code solutions are perfect for marketing teams.

Agency in Food & Beverages

Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)

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Additional Add Ons

Enhance Acquia Cloud Platform

Cloud IDE

A place to write your code -- as a service. You don’t need to set up your local machine. Acquia will do it for you on the Cloud.

  • Minimize the risk of security and compliance incidents

  • Create operational efficiencies through continuous refinements

  • Utilize development, staging, production environment, CI/CD, and monitoring


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A set of solutions that provide advanced security that enables organizations to achieve and maintain secure and performant digital experiences. 

  • Minimize the risk of security and compliance incidents

  • A global CDN to deliver content and ensure application availability

  • Bot Management capabilities that enable organizations to gain heightened visibility and control


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Content Hub

A cloud-based, centralized content distribution and syndication solution enabling highly-performant, scalable syndication of Drupal content.

  • Provides content syndication to assist in publishing

  • Publishers Dashboard to view errors, logs, and content metrics

  • Provides content aggregation/ content repository to bring content together


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Optimize Your Developer Experience

Code Studio Vs DIY Comparison

Plan Acquia Code Studio Without Code Studio
Project and issue management
Description templates for issues
Kanban board for projects
Milestone tracking and issue due dates
Build Acquia Code Studio Without Code Studio
Automated Composer Updates
Automated Deprecated Code Updates for custom code
Front end build supported through “hooks” E.g., npm, yarn, gulp, grunt, yalp, etc.
Code structure validated
Browser based IDE for Drupal (Cloud IDE)
Unlimited builds
Unlimited private projects
Test Acquia Code Studio Without Code Studio
Zero config Auto DevOps with customizable capabilities
[Auto DevOps] Static Security Audit
[Auto DevOps] Drupal Code Standards scan
[Auto DevOps] Deprecated Code scan
[Auto DevOps] PHP Linting
[Auto DevOps] Composer Validation
[Auto DevOps] PHPUnit test execution
Review Acquia Code Studio Without Code Studio
[Auto DevOps] Auto CDE spin & spin down
Visual Review in CDEs
Protected Branches
Activity Audit
Deploy Acquia Code Studio Without Code Studio
Automated artifact generation
Prod-only dependencies
Performance optimized artifact
Sanitized artifact
Visual UI for deploying code
Automatic Updates Acquia Code Studio Without Code Studio
Composer package updates
Drupal security release integration
Deprecated code updates for custom code
Automatically created merge requests
Auto CDE spin up for review