Case Study

Chevron Phillips Chemical

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Chevron Phillips Chemical wanted a complete revamp of its existing website in support of the company’s larger goals.


With eight unique business units and hundreds of products, delivering a cohesive site without interruption was imperative.

Our Solution

Acquia Cloud Platform, Acquia Cloud Edge


  • 116% increase in overall users
  • 121% increase in new users
  • 70% increase in the number of sessions
  • 136% increase in top-10 pageviews for Performance Pipe, the business unit that was under a separate umbrella until the redesign
  • 187% increase in direct site traffic



The Client

A joint venture of Chevron Corporation and Phillips 66, Chevron Phillips Chemical was formed in 2000. The company is headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas. 

The Situation

Chevron Phillips Chemical wanted to completely refresh its website design to support the organization’s overarching goals to set itself apart in the industry with modernized design, automated processes, enhanced sustainability efforts and new and more diverse audiences. 

The Challenge

Chevron Phillips Chemical faced a number of challenges. 

  • Its eight unique business units each had its own priorities, opinions and content organization. 
  • The existing site offered hundreds of products, making it imperative that product migration ran smoothly while the site buildout was concurrently happening. 
  • Support for Internet Explorer — which made up roughly 20% of traffic — was a must-have.
  • Company stakeholders made it clear that improving the user experience and making navigation and product search easier and more intuitive was at the top of their lists.

The Solution

Working with Adcetera, the team created brand new designs, custom iconography and sharp imagery featuring a parallax header experience on the homepage to deliver a new-age look that sets Chevron Phillips Chemical apart from competitors. 

To solve the challenge of site organization as it relates to a large number of products, Adcetera delivered an intuitive product finder with faceted keyword search, refining and multiple views. The website features single-sign-on, an SAP integration, a Facebook integration and a powerful search function that allows document content to be searched in multiple languages. 

The Results

Utilizing the digital experience assets from Acquia coupled with Drupal’s open source platform, Adcetera and Chevron Phillips Chemical developed a best-in-class digital experience thanks to strong strategy, communication, implementation, and teamwork. 

In addition to exceeding the desired goals for this website, Chevron Phillips Chemical achieved the following stats the first four months after launching the new website compared to the previous year: 

  •  116% increase in overall users
  •  121% increase in new users
  •  70% increase in the number of sessions
  •  136% increase in top-10 pageviews for Performance Pipe, the business unit that was under a separate umbrella until the redesign
  •  187% increase in direct site traffic 

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