Acquia CMS

Headless Beta Program

Acquia CMS Headless is a Drupal CMS built specifically for decoupled projects and microservice environments. It focuses on providing rich data modeling and content management capabilities in a headless context.

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Acquia CMS Headless Beta Comes With:


API Dashboard designed for frontend developers

Easily manage API access for applications, access API documentation and manage credentials and CMS site preview features

Information Architecture for a Headless CMS

A simplified menu system to bring together data modeling across Drupal and make access to core capabilities in a Headless CMS easier

Next.js Starter Kit

Quickly configure Acquia CMS with a Next.js project template built for Acquia CMS

Hybrid and full headless UI modes

Provide continued flexibility for a variety of operational use cases

Additional Info

Beta program

The Headless Beta is a participation opportunity to:

  • Gain early access to new features and capabilities
  • Become involved in the development cycle and influence the roadmap
  • Test a new product in your context and environment
  • Raise competencies on emerging technologies with your technical teams
  • Gain access to product management and engineering personnel 



To participate in the beta you’ll need to meet these requirements:

  • Able to work with beta software
  • Ability to check out open source code, compile and build it
  • Able to engage in the community issues queues with bug reports, feature requests and other user feedback

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