The Best Way to Get Started Using Drupal 8

We provide a framework for how developers build new sites and enterprise authoring capabilities so marketers and other users can deliver great customer experiences.

Accelerate Development Projects
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Developers can tap into the richness of key D8 functionality and build sites. Work smarter and faster during the module selection and configuration process.
Accelerate Development Projects
The Right Tools for Experience Creation
Create great enterprise authoring experiences and empower editorial teams. Arm builders with tools focused on layout, media usage, workflow and previews.
The Right Tools for Experience Creation
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Estimated time developers save using Acquia Lightning for Drupal 8 projects

Let's talk about how Lightning can get you started

Lightning Features

Develop on D8 Faster, Better

Build experiences quickly using the best of Drupal 8 in a feature-rich, tested, secure open source distribution.

Drag and Drop Layouts

Configure page layouts and digital experiences with drag and drop tools that anyone can use.

Media Management

Embed images, videos, social media and more from Drupal or other sources into content and pages.

Flexible Workflows

Configure workflows that keep content moving through review and approval stages, easily.

Experience Preview

See how content and experiences look to visitors before you publish.

Empower Self-sufficient Content Authors

Make it easy for business users to create and manage content with enterprise authoring tools.