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An open source Drupal 9 distribution with preselected modules and configuration. Created to help organizations build faster and more efficiently with Drupal. Maintained by Acquia.

Highlighted Features

Acquia Cloud Integration

Lightning is optimized for the developer-friendly, scalable and secure Acquia Cloud. 

Preconfigured Content Workflows

Lightning has intricate workflows that streamline the processes for reviewing, approving, scheduling, and publishing content.

Enterprise Security

Lightning regular security audits to keep your sites safe and is built on Drupal, one of the most secure web application frameworks in the world.

Accelerate your Development with the Fastest Drupal 9 On-Ramp

Acquia Lightning, a Drupal 9 distribution, is the best place to start creating new sites and experiences. Lightning is fully maintained and updated by Acquia so you have the assurance it's enterprise grade and selects the best of what's available in the Drupal Community.

Lightning Workflow

Create and Publish with Smarter Workflows

Lightning not only empowers you to develop with Drupal, it makes your workflow more productive helping you deploy content as efficiently as possible. Configurable workflows allow you to govern your content though approval stages and schedule content for future publication.

Acquia Lightning vs Drupal Core

Lightning gives you all of Drupal 9 plus curated capabilities focused on making page layouts, media management, and workflows faster and easier, before they’re available in Drupal core.

Feature Category Lightning Drupal
Metatag, Pathauto, Redirect, Token, Search API Bundled Contrib
Support media types: audio, tweets, instagram posts, videos, images Media
Bulk image uploads Media
Image cropping Media
Slideshows and carousels Media
Embeddable WYSIWYG Media
Default Layout Components: Google Maps, Slideshows, Media, Banner, Text, Entity Reference Layout
Default content types and layouts Layout

Feature Category Lightning Drupal
Default workflow states Workflow
Workflow scheduling Workflow
Moderation sidebar Workflow
Moderation dashboard Workflow
Revisions + Landing pages work! Workflow
Autosave Workflow
Open API docs API
Oauth API
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