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Acquia Lightning

Develop Enterprise Drupal 8 Websites Faster

An open source Drupal 8 distribution with preselected modules and configuration to help developers build better sites faster and run them on Acquia Cloud.

Highlighted Features

Fast On-Ramp for Drupal 8 Projects

Develop with Lightning to cut development time by 30 percent and deploy Drupal sites that help you get to market faster and empower your editorial teams with easy to use tools. 

Acquia Cloud Integration

Lightning is optimized for the developer-friendly, scalable and secure Acquia Cloud.

Streamlined Authoring Experiences

Empower enterprise editorial teams so they can work smarter, not harder, on layouts, media, content and experiences that engage and convert visitors.

Drag-and-Drop Layout Tools

Eliminate complexity for enterprise experience builders with tools that allow them to drag and drop images, videos and other rich media, and content assets into layouts.

Team-Friendly Content Workflows

Use Lightning to configure and manage workflows that streamline the processes for reviewing, approving, scheduling, and publishing content.


Lightning undergoes regular security audits to keep your sites safe and is built on Drupal, one of the most secure web application frameworks in the world.

Accelerate your Development with the Fastest Drupal 8 On-Ramp

Acquia Lightning, a Drupal 8 distribution, is the best place to start creating new sites and experiences. Lightning gives you all of Drupal 8 plus curated capabilities focused on making page layouts, media management, content creation and workflows faster and easier, before they’re available in Drupal core. Lightning accelerates Drupal development: more out-of-the-box means faster time to value.

Lightning Workflow

Create and Publish with Smarter Workflows

Lightning not only empowers you to develop with Drupal, it makes your workflow more productive so you can keep the content and digital experiences flowing and keep your customers engaged. Configurable workflows allow you to govern your content though approval stages and schedule content for future publication.  

Acquia Lightning vs Drupal Core

Features Acquia Lightning Drupal Core
Drag-and-drop layout builder
Structured authoring with embedded media support
Media library with support for multiple file types
Workflow with content dashboard and moderation sidebar
Additional out-of-the-box content types (i.e., Google maps, banners, slideshows)
Additional out-of-the-box templates for Layout Builder in Lightning
More-user-friendly administrative theme / interface
Customizable, auto-generated URLs
Translate and localize content to many languages
Responsive administrative and OOTB front-end themes
Flexible content architecture Additional media types & predefined page building components Highly structured content architecture
Security Follows Drupal core security cycle & provides extended security support Proven, secure CMS & application framework.
Manage many sites using a single code base
Integrations Adds Lightning API to help developers create JSON:API decoupled apps API-first design to integrate other applications

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