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Site Studio's no-code, drag-and-drop content authoring and page assembly UI empowers marketers and content authors to create rich pages in a production environment.

Visual Page Builder

Create rich component based pages directly in the front end of your website. The Visual Page Builder provides a fully WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop page building experience.

Layout Canvas

Create rich, component-based pages from the back-end admin interface of your website. The Layout Canvas provides an abstracted, structural view of the components used on your page.

Component Library

Use the Visual Page Builder or Layout Canvas to access a library of components built for your website to create rich component-based pages. Alternatively, you can import one of Site Studio’s UIKits, which include a library of over 50 common components.

Component Content

Save components that have been populated with content as reusable content entities to use across multiple pages. Update component content entities centrally and see your changes propagate to all pages.

Helper Library

Save layout compositions as reusable ‘Helpers’ to speed up the page creation process. Save any component or group of components as a Helper and it becomes available in your Helper Library.

In-Place Editing

Using the Layout Canvas with the Visual Page Builder enabled, seamlessly edit any text in place on the page without having to work in a separate sidebar. Seamlessly preview all text edits on the page.

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Site Studio provides low-code user interfaces for building the appearance of your website in a development environment that can be deployed to a production website.

Component Builder

Use the drag-and-drop Component Builder to create components for your content authors. Create both the layout of the component and the form your content authors will use to add content and settings.

Custom Components

Extend the functionality of Site Studio with custom components. These can be developed by JavaScript developers or PHP developers to meet your specific website requirements. Once placed in the right directory, custom components are auto discovered by Site Studio and can be used alongside your low-code components.

Content Template Builder

Use the drag-and-drop Template Builder to create templates for your structured content. Content templates are displayed within the content region in your master template.

Master Template Builder

Use the drag-and-drop Master Template Builder to create the outermost template for your website's header, footer, and navigation systems. Create multiple master templates if you want different areas of your website to have different outermost templates.

Menu Template Builder

Use the drag-and-drop Menu Template Builder to create templates for Drupal menus, ranging from simple list menus to complex interactive menus. Place menu templates within your master templates to apply them globally across your website.

View Template Builder

Use the drag-and-drop View Template Builder to create templates for Drupal views. View Templates are a new view format which allows you to layout the structure of your View page or View block. This includes the layout of exposed filters and pagination.

Visual Style Builder

Use the visual CSS style builder to create styles for base elements and classes. The Visual Style Builder includes a flexible user interface for adding CSS properties to CSS selectors, and a visual real-time preview as you build the style.

Font Library Manager

Use the Font Manager to upload or import fonts to be used by your website. Manage one or multiple font stacks for use in your styles.

Icon Font Library Manager

Use the Icon Font Manager to upload or import icon fonts to be used on your website. The Icon Font Manager includes an intuitive icon picker for site builders to use on styles and content authors to use on content.

Color Palette Manager

Use the Color Palette Manager to manage the color palette of your website. Define a set of brand colors to use across your site to keep your website consistent and on brand.

Website Grid Manager

Use the Website Grid Manager to define the width, column spacing, and responsive media queries for your website. The Visual Grid Manager provides an intuitive interface for managing your website's grid.

Style Guide Manager and Style Guides

Create easy to use Style Guides for theme-specific overrides for your website's appearance. Style Guides allow Drupal multisite websites to have a different styles per site.

Sync Package Manager

Package your Site Studio templates, components, styles, and other configurations as Site Studio packages to be deployed from development to production. Or use the Sync Package Manager to export and import your Site Studio templates, components, and styles across different websites.

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