Component-Based Design with Acquia Site Studio

What's Covered?

What's Covered
  • An overview of the component-based design process and its benefits
  • Seven steps to create a simple component
  • Guidelines for designing your own components
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Desktop with component design system on monitor screen

Component-based design systems are now considered by designers, developers, product owners and project managers as the most effective way to develop and manage design, especially at scale. Rather than designing page by page, you break a design down into smaller component parts. Individually these can be quite simple, but when combined together they create something more meaningful and useful. 

At the heart of component design is the philosophy: Create once, use many.

In this e-book, we show you how a component-based design system can be implemented within Drupal. You'll learn:

  • What component-based design is
  • The advantages of component-based design
  • Principles and considerations to keep in mind when designing components
  • Seven basic steps to create a simple component

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