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Personalization for Drupal

Built for Drupal

Drupal integration results in richer data collection and simpler content creation for personalization.

Multilingual Personalization

Build content once and automatically personalize in the right language, no matter where your visitors are.

Target and Test

Real-time, adaptive targeting refines segments while A/B testing keeps audiences engaged with content that resonates.

Anonymous Targeting

Personalize by browser conditions, location, or third-party variables.

Scheduling Management

Deploy and align personalization to campaigns and programs like promotions, sales, and events.

No-Code Personalization

Drag-and-drop functionality enables anyone to visually build, preview, and launch personalization on any site.

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Cloud Based Application

Search for and categorize data about each visitor based on customizable criteria — doesn’t require complete replatforming on legacy infrastructure.

Data Warehouse

Integrate data from other systems into Personalization profiles by using a dedicated connection to Amazon Redshift.

Personalization APIs/Connectors

Connect to other systems that contain user and sales information. Currently, Personalization officially supports the Marketo connector.

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CDP Connectivity

Real-time Analytics

A single place to view key metrics, personalization campaigns, web segments, popular web content, and more.

Machine Learning

Automatically recommend content based on what a user is currently viewing or has viewed in the past.

Open Data Connections

Integrate with internal or external CDPs, data warehouses, and CRMs to power holistic digital experiences.

Powered by Acquia CDP

Integrate with Acquia CDP and real-time customer profiles allow you to deliver relevant content for every individual.

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