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Make Every Touchpoint Matter in Your Customer’s Journey

Acquia Journey is an omnichannel tool that allows marketers to listen and learn from customers so they can craft a sequence of personalized touchpoints and trigger what they will see next.

Highlighted Features

Built-In Journey Mapping Tool

Use drag-and-drop tools to design customer journey maps representing the steps customers take to interact with your brand across touch points.

Martech and Adtech Integration

Use pre-built connectors to integrate your disparate martech tools serving each customer touchpoint and channel, so they can work together to deliver seamless, connected experiences at every step.

Centralized Customer Data Profiles

Unify customer data from multiple sources to create actionable, 360-degree views of prospects and customers, so you can interact intelligently and in the right context.

Real-time Optimization

Acquia Journey’s decision engine uses artificial intelligence technology to automatically understand  what customers are doing and trigger best-next actions on any channel.

Journey Insights and Reporting

Zoom in and see what works and doesn’t work at each touchpoint, and take steps to improve it in real time through our detailed analytics dashboard that tracks activity and actions.

Better Customer Service

Acquia supports your team from a business and technical standpoint, and our expert partner network can help you create strategies for superior omnichannel customer interactions.

Know what your customers want before they do

Using Acquia Journey’s built-in journey mapping tool and experience orchestration engine, you’re able to reach your target customers or prospects at the exact right time, in the right place, on the right channel.

Engage Your Customers with Your Existing Martech, Adtech and Content

Acquia Journey integrates martech and adtech tools you already use so  you can aggregate real-time customer data and fully understand each and every prospect and customer. Journey equips you with the tools and insight to deliver content or make an offer to your customer when they’re most ready to engage.

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