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The Fastest Low-Code Way to Build Enterprise-Grade Drupal Sites

Highlighted Features

Rapid Assembly

Cohesion provides components (mini block “templates”) that you can quickly drag, drop, arrange and nest to create immersive page layouts based on design patterns that you define. 

Pixel Perfect

With the visual Layout Canvas, and live preview, you can select from a feature-rich library of components, content, media and interactive elements that you mix and match in endless combinations to create layouts exactly the way you want. 

Creative and Brand Control

Using Cohesion’s templates you can ensure that your organization’s branding and design aspects are followed completely. Define headers, footers and other site-wide elements and easily assemble them into a site or page quickly. 

Empower Non-Developers

Cohesion was built with the vision of enabling people who may not have years of coding skills to be able to build and manage sites. The low-code interface provides all the power of coding without having to write it. Some basic understanding of website concepts is all that’s needed to begin assembling your very own site. 

In-Context Editing

Cohesion makes it easier than ever for content editors to simply browse to a web page they want to update, click the ‘Quick Edit’ button and edit the content and settings directly on the page. Permissions control exactly who has access to what.

Design Replication

Know what is better than one amazing site, designed and built by Cohesion? Multiple sites being able to reuse and control your brand across the world! You can export an entire site’s design and style configuration in full or in part that can be replicated onto many sites. This provides a way to sync brand styles, components, templates and more quickly and easily.


Cohesion Site Building Paradigm

A New Site-Building Paradigm

Cohesion lets developers and designers without deep coding skills build sites using a visual UI. Tasks like building layouts, element styles, templates and components can all be achieved easily with basic CSS and Drupal knowledge, and our visual designer.

Cohesion will release precious senior Drupal developers from routine tasks to let them focus on more complex functionality, interactivity and integration activities.
The result is more developer time to spend on high value areas of the website and less time spent pushing pixels.

Pixel-Perfect, Responsive Sites

Cohesion brings you the power of code without you having to write it. Designers with little coding knowledge can create unique layouts with the intuitive drag and drop Layout Canvas. Not limited to boring built-in styles, watch your designs come to life in the visual CSS Style Builder. Cohesion allows you to take full advantage of all CSS properties and selectors, and lets you preview responsive layouts in various device aspect ratios such as a laptop, phone, or tablet.


Modify a Component
Cohesion Site Building Tool for Everyone

A Site-Building Tool for Everyone

Traditional enterprise-grade sites are created with teams of people in software, design, and digital marketing with marketing usually waiting until the end before they can start contributing content. Cohesion gives marketers and content writers controlled access to make updates and edits to content and even layouts easily. Need to swap the image with the text box? No problem. Your marketers can do it in seconds. The visual interface and in-context editor lets writers edit content directly on a live site. 

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