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400 %

productivity increase

80 %

cost reduction

75 %

reduction in time to market



As a long-time Acquia hosting customer, Zscaler has scaled its use of Acquia as its business continues to grow.


Business units across Zscaler depended heavily on the web marketing team to build new pages using unique templates, as well as update existing pages.

Our Solution

Drupal CMS, Acquia Site Studio

  • Decreased costs by 80%
  • Boosted productivity by 400%
  • Cut time to market by 75%
  • Enhanced governance
  • Reduced the need to create and deploy multiple new templates

The Client

Zscaler accelerates digital transformation so that customers can be more agile, efficient, resilient, and secure. The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange protects thousands of customers from cyberattacks and data loss by securely connecting users, devices, and applications in any location. Distributed across more than 150 data centers globally, the Zero Trust Exchange is the world’s largest inline cloud security platform.

The Situation

Zscaler had hosted its marketing site on Acquia for approximately six years, finding it the best place to host Drupal applications. During this time, the company had scaled its use of Acquia alongside its business growth. When the Zscaler web team noticed a tweet from Acquia about Acquia Site Studio, Acquia’s low-code site-building tool, they were immediately intrigued.

The Challenge

Like many businesses, Zscaler found that many of its business units depended heavily on the marketing team to engage and build customer relationships. The marketing team understood the need to empower stakeholders across business units with a dynamic, flexible tool that would let them make changes on the fly while maintaining brand consistency. They needed a self-service tool that would:

  • Allow less web-savvy individuals to manage web content and add new components (e.g., UI elements) to a page
  • Enable the web team to build new pages with a variety of unique templates
  • Help developers easily create and manage new templates for various applications
Zscaler homepage on computer

The Solution

The Zscaler web marketing team introduced Acquia Site Studio, which lets multiple teams across the marketing organization make meaningful changes to the website. 

Through its unique interface, Acquia Site Studio enables everyone at Zscaler — particularly the demand marketing, customer engagement, and recruiting teams — to interact with target audiences and make changes directly to the site. Because other teams can handle so many of their own requests, the web team is freed up to focus on making more complex changes across the whole site far more quickly and easily.

The Acquia Site Studio solution also lets stakeholders make text changes and even drop in reusable elements to a page, neither of which would be possible with other tools that require more web expertise. Some of these reusable components include:

  • Sliders: A slider can be plugged in anywhere on a page, letting users customize all common options with easy “on/off” toggles, an options list, and value changes.
  • Video player: Stakeholders can embed videos in a page and host them on any video hosting platform, with an option to choose the type of video player.
  • Basic UI page builder: This feature makes it simple to manage many similar content-rich pages. The Zscaler legal team, for example, can easily manage their entire library of 30+ privacy and legal pages.

By leveraging the component types and permissions features of Acquia Site Studio, Zscaler can easily govern which groups can use particular components, giving them the control and flexibility to build an amazing web experience while fostering a culture of collaboration throughout the organization.

The Results

Some of the benefits Zscaler has realized since deploying AcquiaSite Studio include:

  • 80% decreased costs of page changes and new builds
  • Up to 400% greater productivity, building 10–25 pages per day vs. completing only three non-complex page changes per day
  • 75% faster time to market, enabling the team to design, architect, build, and launch a brand new site in one month vs. four months (or more) with previous tools
  • Enhanced governance through the ability to isolate site changes and mitigate the risk of impacting the entire site
  • Streamlined page-building, empowering less technical team members to make simple page changes and freeing up the web team to focus on more complex priorities

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