What is being announced?

Acquia acquired UK-based Cohesion, creator of DX8, the first enterprise-grade, low-code Drupal website builder. With this acquisition, content marketers and site builders with minimal coding skills can create Drupal websites up to 4X faster, according to user testing.

Who is Acquia?

Acquia provides the only open digital experience platform made for Drupal. We provide the world’s most ambitious brands with a platform that allows them to embrace innovation and create customer moments that matter. At Acquia, we believe in the power of community - giving our customers the freedom to build tomorrow on their terms.

Why is Acquia acquiring Cohesion DX8?

The acquisition allows Acquia to continue simplifying the way organizations of all sizes build, style and design Drupal websites. Cohesion DX8 enables organizations to launch Drupal websites much faster, while still offering unprecedented creative freedom, brand consistency and governance for digital marketers and content authors.

Who is Cohesion DX8?

Cohesion is a UK-based startup that is the creator of DX8, the first low-code, enterprise-grade Drupal 8 website builder. DX8 offers the in-browser creation of themes, layouts, and pages with minimal coding skills required. This empowers designers and marketers who are not Drupal experts to quickly create beautiful new sites.

Is Acquia disclosing the acquisition amount?


Where does Cohesion DX8 fit in Acquia’s product portfolio?

Cohesion DX8 will be part of Acquia’s portfolio that is focused on helping organizations build, design, and manage sites quickly and more efficiently.  We will unveil further details in the next 90 days.

Who are Cohesion’s target customers?

Cohesion DX8 targets site builders, digital marketers and content authors at agencies and organizations who are looking to create scalable websites from scratch on Drupal in a fraction of the time of traditional development. 

What are Acquia’s market opportunities as a result of this acquisition?

This acquisition will uniquely bring to the market a faster, less expensive approach to designing and building Drupal sites for Acquia customers and partners. 

Are there any changes to Cohesion’s executive management?

All executives will become part of the Acquia family and will remain the leaders of Cohesion.

Will all Cohesion employees join Acquia?

All Cohesion employees have been offered positions at Acquia as of the deal closing.

What is the vision for Cohesion DX8?

Built for a Drupal platform, Cohesion shares Acquia’s vision for digital experience. Cohesion set out to revolutionize the way Drupal websites are built through low-code, visual solutions. Therefore, Cohesion DX8 is a natural addition to Acquia’s product portfolio, giving customers the speed and brand consistency needed to build best-in-class websites while also providing the ultimate productivity kit for Drupal. We will provide more specific details in the next few months.

How will this acquisition benefit customers of both companies?

This acquisition will benefit the customers of both companies by helping them launch Drupal websites up to 4X faster, according to user testing, while also maintaining consistency across multiple brands, regions or divisions. 

How will Cohesion DX8 customers be supported moving forward?

There will be no change to support arrangements for Cohesion DX8 customers who have current contracts in 2019. Acquia will notify and engage with Cohesion DX8 customers if any changes are envisioned.

What is the impact for partners?

All partner relationships and contracts will remain in place, pending joint review of our relationships going forward.   

How can Acquia and Cohesion DX8 partners take advantage of this announcement?

Our intent is to make Cohesion DX8 available for all partners and we encourage partners to contact Acquia to discuss further. More details will be available for partners in the next 90 days.

Will the Cohesion DX8 name and products continue to be used?

Cohesion DX8 will be integrated into Acquia’s Digital Experience Platform and we will be finalizing further details in the next 90 days.

What does this mean for Drupal Layout Builder?

Acquia will continue to invest in Layout Builder and stand firm in our belief that it is the solution for page building in Drupal. At present, there is some overlap between the functionality of Cohesion DX8’s Layout Canvas tool and Drupal’s Layout Builder, but our goal is to remove this overlap over time as improvements are made to Layout Builder.

Where do I go for more information?

For more information, visit: https://www.acquia.com/ or https://www.cohesiondx.com/.