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Insight-driven. Customer-focused.

Gain Unparalleled Access to Data and Analytical Insights

Gain direct query access to unified CDP data

Leverage Acquia Interactive Queries' built-in query editor to directly access unified CDP data and easily toggle between reports and queries.

Understand cohorts over time

Freeze audience cohorts in time to compare their performance, track cohort migration, and gain deep insights into business KPIs.

Understand the business impact of marketing campaigns

Perform dynamic analysis to understand revenue attributed to campaign cohorts, based on KPIs such as revenue, buyer count, and conversion rates.

Use machine learning to generate insights at scale

The Acquia Customer Data Platform provides a robust machine learning engine that enables marketers to segment to the individual level at any scale of audience. Machine learning includes supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and collaborative filtering algorithms. Machine learning is configurable through metadata for supporting custom and out-of-the-box models such as likelihood to buy, likelihood to engage, next best offer, behavioral clustering, and more.


Acquia CDP Machine Learning
Acquia CDP Integrations Pyramid

Real-Time Inbound and Outbound CDP Integrations

Acquia CDP ingests first party data into the platform via real-time connectors and APIs, including profile data from customer facing systems, transaction data from order management and POS systems, and engagement data from interaction systems such as the website, email, and the call center. Acquia CDP also connects to customer activation systems to enrich personalized customer engagement.


Acquia CDP drives business revenue by boosting customer lifetime value through the following key capabilities.

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