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Fresh insights for marketing innovators. Pivoting customer experience strategy to match growing customer privacy concerns, content demands, and dynamic technological changes.

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We worked with the experts at Vanson Bourne to collect the views of 2,000 consumers and 200 marketers to understand shifts in marketer and consumer expectations about CX and privacy, as well as how brands are leveraging technology to deliver meaningful customer experiences.

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The global pandemic is finally fading away, but marketers now face fresh economic uncertainty, compounded by an urgency to find new ways to understand and reach their customers at a time when privacy concerns loom.

Marketers are investing in many innovative technologies and continue to recognize the value of a DXP and its foundational “MVP” components.

Marketers, to varying degrees, are creating first-party data strategies to generate insights for custom content and an engaging CX as web browsers prepare to phase out third-party cookies.

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