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Acquia Engage 2021 Award Winners

Every year, the Acquia Engage Awards celebrate and showcase the best examples of our customers’ and partners’ work. Here are this year's winners.


These are the people who create digital experiences that make a real impact, very quickly.  They bust through the noise, they do the work and they get results.‎

Reimagining Customer Experience

Acquia empowers to deliver easy-to-understand information to America’s seniors.

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Go RVing

Best Campaign

When Go RVing wanted to get millennials into the RVing lifestyle, they tapped Acquia to help spread the word.

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arriva bus

Most Impactful Insights

Acquia was right on time when it came to helping Arriva Bus deliver more compelling digital experiences.

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Loomis armored us, llc

Leader of the Pack (FINSERV)

Loomis Armored tapped Acquia to deliver an improved customer experience.

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Loma Linda University Health

Leader of the Pack (Health)

Loma Linda University Health turned to Acquia to help them quickly deliver vital medical information to patients.

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Albany Law School

Leader of the Pack (EDU)

Acquia ensured Albany Law School’s new website earned top marks from all of its audiences.

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dar al khaleej

Leader of the Pack (Media / Entertainment)

Newspaper publisher Dar Al Khaleej tapped Acquia to make its updated website more engaging for readers and easier for content creators to update.

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Holocaust Educational Trust

Leader of the Pack (NGO)

When the pandemic halted Holocaust Educational Trust’s face-to-face education efforts, the charity turned to Acquia to deliver content digitally.

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City of Burnaby

Leader of the Pack (Pubsec)

When the City of Burnaby needed to make its site easier for users, its web team turned to Acquia to help deliver more compelling user experiences.

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Leader of the Pack (Retail)

Mars turned to Acquia to help create consistency, reduce costs and streamline maintenance across its world-famous family of brands.

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Leader of the Pack (Technology)

When Pegasystems needed to democratize content creation and make its training program more engaging, Acquia provided the right platform.

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japan airlines

Leader of the Pack (Travel)

To better support customers throughout their travel experience, Japan Airlines turned to Acquia to modernize its systems.

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London Hydro

Leader of the Pack (Energy / Utilities)

London Hydro turned to Acquia to help the energy company empower its customers to get the information and tools they needed.

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Inkjet Inc.

Leader of the Pack (Manufacturing)

When the pandemic threatened to shut InkJet, Inc.’s doors, the company turned to Acquia to help pivot its business.

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United Rentals

Leader of the Pack (Commerce)

When United Rentals needed to increase website leads for used equipment sales, Acquia helped integrate and optimize its site.

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The awards in this category celebrate those who are in the trenches, developing and delivering innovations that leave the status quo behind, and truly transforming how organizations do business.‎

CoStar Group

Quickest to Launch

CoStar Group turned to Acquia to help empower both technical and non-technical marketers to make contributions to site content.

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When Bayer needed to connect with healthcare professionals in an engaging, meaningful way, Acquia provided the platform to help make it happen.

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clean earth

Best ROI

When Clean Earth needed to effectively communicate just what makes it different, Acquia helped the company connect with customers.

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Open Source Giants

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These are the people who don’t take “no” for an answer. Who never let anything stand in their way. Who look for a way to do everything better, every day. They’re always learning, always creating and always searching for what’s next.‎

Fannie Mae

Building a Better Tomorrow

When Fannie Mae needed a flexible, scalable platform to help communicate with borrowers and lenders, Acquia provided the solution.

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LifeFit Group GmbH

Pandemic Problem-Solver

When the pandemic shut down fitness centers, LifeFit turned to Acquia to quickly open digital doors.

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Genesis Healthcare System

Best of Both Worlds

When Genesis HealthCare’s website fell short of meeting patient expectations, Acquia helped deliver tailor-made online experiences.

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Radical Innovator

When the pandemic threatened to shut down Halloween, Mars worked with Acquia to save the day.

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Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG

Regional Excellence (EMEA)

The Schwabe Group needed to streamline multiple global sites into a cohesive, consistent online offering; Acquia helped make it happen.

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Singapore Institute of Technology

Regional Excellence (APAC)

To achieve higher efficiency, consistency and scalability in managing their web content, the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) turned to Acquia.

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Regional Excellence (LATAM)

Acquia empowered UNICEF to launch its One Million Opportunities initiative aimed at positively impacting the lives of socially vulnerable 14- to 24-year-olds.

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NIC Colorado

Regional Excellence (North America)

When the pandemic drove citizens to for timely, accurate information, NIC Colorado turned to Acquia to support its redesign efforts.

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