Announcing the 2021 Acquia Engage Awards

Calling all Dreamers, Doers and Builders to participate in the 2021 Acquia Engage Awards.

Every year, Acquia celebrates the most ambitious digital solutions put forth by our customers and partners during the Acquia Engage Awards. Last year, we saw brands adapt rapidly to a shifting digital landscape and face unprecedented challenges head on. Now, we want to honor brands and businesses that have gone above and beyond to meet the ever-changing demands of our world.

This year, we’ve added some new categories to the Engage Awards to highlight the extraordinary ways businesses rose to meet the modern standards of digital experience. Now it’s your time to shine. 

Submit your best campaign, COVID-19 response or way you leveraged data-driven insights to revolutionize the way you do business. In a year marked by change and disruption, we’re also introducing a new award this year to celebrate an individual for how they fundamentally formed their organization’s digital strategy.

As you prepare your submission, take a look at what best practices lead to a winning nomination, the projects we honored last year and our preparation doc to help your team fill out the submission form together.

2021 Categories and Criteria 

A panel of distinguished judges composed of digital experience platform (DXP) and digital marketing experts will evaluate submissions based on several criteria: functionality, integration, performance (results and key performance indicators) and overall user experience. All submissions must represent initiatives, updated features or projects built with Acquia that were completed during 2020 or 2021.


Reimagining Customer Experience: We want to see proof that “if you dream it, you can build it.” How has your team created flexible, open solutions that help your organization reinvent customer experience? We want to celebrate solutions that allow organizations to personalize, engage and connect with customers in new ways.

Best Campaign: Have you launched a great campaign that spoke to your customers and delivered results? Let us know how you organized and executed your campaign. And remember to back up your story with metrics that showcase that success.

Most Impactful Insights: When you drilled down into your customer data, did you find something that made you pivot how your organization does business? Tell us how your customer insights and/or analytics changed the game. 

Leader of the Pack: We want to hear from organizations that are setting the bar for digital experiences in their field or industry. 

→ Please select vertical: Financial Services / Health / Higher Education / NGO or Non-profit / Public Sector / Commerce / Technology / Travel & Transportation / Media & Entertainment / Retail / Utilities / Manufacturing  


Best Return on Investment: Organizations that have implemented strategies that ensure governance and reduce cost and time-to-market... and have the results to prove it.

Quickest to Launch: Got things up and running at top speed in no time? We want to know how your team expertly leveraged Acquia to bring your solution from vision to fruition, fast. 

Open Source Giants: Strongest contribution to the Drupal ecosystem, through or GitHub code contributions, event sponsorship, community mentorship, or technical excellence. 

Scale: Scaling to accommodate online growth is tough: today it requires a meaningful change in the delivery model and adoption of new technologies, often in a way that changes the way organizations do business. Show us how you rose to the challenge and delivered amazing solutions at scale.


Building A Better Tomorrow: This award is to applaud organizations that used their platform to make a difference, provide essential resources for their communities or design a new path forward. We want to showcase innovations and quick pivots that created better customer experiences and contributed toward a better society.

Pandemic Problem-Solver: As physical doors closed, digital doors opened. This past year, teams made quick decisions to continue to serve customers even in the face of COVID-19. We want to showcase innovative change, quick pivots and customer experiences that successfully met these new demands. 

Best of Both Worlds: We want to recognize organizations making the most of both Marketing Cloud and Drupal Cloud. How are you crafting the best digital experience out there through use of content and customer insights? 

Radical Innovator Award: We’re shaking it up this year and recognizing an individual, not just an organization. The Radical Innovator Award will go to an individual who defined their organization’s digital strategy and saw it through to execution and strong results. Their work has made an impact on the way their organization delivers customer experience. 

Regional Excellence: This award showcases the work of different regions across the globe.

→ Please select region: North America / Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) / Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) / Latin America

Nominations will be open until September 22nd, 2021. 

Submit your projects today! 

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