Case Study

Loomis Armored

Engage Awards 2021 Doers
69 %

increase in leads YoY

47 %

decrease in page load time



The company needed its website to reflect a modern aesthetic and a wide breadth of services and expertise.


The new site had to satisfy not only all business units but also meet the needs of diverse user audiences.

Our Solution

Drupal CMS, Acquia Cloud Platform


Since replatforming on Acquia, Loomis experienced:

  • A 69% increase in leads from the previous year
  • A 15% increase in users reaching a location page from the homepage in one click
  • A 47% decrease in page load time

The Client

With nearly 200 locations, more than 9,000 employees and over 3,000 vehicles, Loomis Armored is the largest integrated cash distribution network in the United States. The company provides cash-handling products and services to financial institutions and commercial/retail businesses nationwide.

The Situation

As a leader in cash management solutions, Loomis Armored US needed its website to reflect a modern aesthetic and a wide breadth of services and expertise. Originally launched on the Sitecore DXP and hosted by Loomis, the website featured many advanced capabilities and tools. However, Sitecore had a cumbersome editing experience for the marketing team and regularly required expensive, time-consuming upgrades, which took away from marketing’s primary goal: getting new customers. During many of these upgrades, data was lost and modules became incompatible with the latest version of the core platform. In addition, third-party integrations required expensive licensing fees. 

Loomis’ overall goals included:

  • Simplifying overall website content management
  • Reducing costs and headaches of maintenance and integrations
  • Refocusing the marketing team on client support and growth instead of website maintenance
  • Creating a reliable hosting environment
  • Refreshing the brand and content to enhance the customer experience

The Challenge

Loomis faced many challenges. The new site needed to:

  • Satisfy all business units, meeting the diverse needs and expectations of every Loomis department.
  • Appeal to multiple audiences, including existing clients. 
  • Accommodate limited IT support, allowing Loomis’ in-house IT team to focus on other priorities and projects.
  • Allow for extensive content migration, letting Loomis make use of its large library of pre-existing content.

The Solution

Digital partner Adcetera recommended transitioning the website to Acquia and building it on Drupal, which is a more flexible, cloud-based platform that includes white-glove maintenance, managed cloud hosting, a marketing-friendly editing experience, and free integrations with third-party technologies. Adcetera rebuilt the website on Acquia in just six months, including new content, a refreshed design and an improved customer experience. Beginning with reorganizing and simplifying the content structure and navigation, Adcetera performed in-depth discovery sessions and interviews with key Loomis stakeholders and SMEs.

Next, Adcetera updated Loomis brand web elements, including icons, headline treatments, image selection and more, giving Loomis a professional, modern and streamlined UX that could help it stand out against its competition.

After migrating new and existing content to Acquia DXP, Adcetera modernized and fine-tuned industry tools, like the ROI calculator, for mobile and desktop experiences, giving Loomis a modern approach to educate users, drive engagement and generate marketing-qualified leads.

Adcetera’s Acquia-certified development team utilized the Acquia DXP and coding best practices to create a simplified editing experience, empowering the marketing team to focus on their marketing objectives.

The Results

Moving to Acquia Cloud streamlined marketing activities, making tasks like adding gated forms or assigning users to campaigns easier and more efficient, with little to no custom code. It also greatly reduced the workload on IT and marketing teams, allowing them to dedicate energy to other tasks. Lastly, Loomis was able to increase site bandwidth, meaning higher levels of guaranteed uptime, even during peak site traffic periods.

Metrics show that the new website is helping Loomis meet its goals: 

  • 69% increase in leads from the previous year
  • 15% increase in users reaching a location page from the homepage in one click
  • 47% decrease in page load time


Additionally, Loomis has experienced several benefits since the launch of the new site:


  • Lowered operational costs for web management
  • Simplified site management and related processes 
  • Eliminated time-consuming or specialized coding
  • Evolved overall design, site structure and user experience
  • Improved content quality
  • Increased site stability during high-traffic periods