What’s Acquia Up to at Mautic Conference Global 2021?

Come see how Acquia’s team is getting involved at Mautic Conference Global on June 16 and 17 and discover the power of open marketing.

This summer Acquia is excited to once again sponsor and attend Mautic Conference Global to celebrate the limitless potential of open marketing automation! This year, the Mautic Conference is virtually bringing together business users, translators, marketers, editors, content strategists, designers, developers and more to discuss how open marketing technology is helping people and organizations communicate and connect with their audiences. 

The Mautic Project and Community has experienced tons of exciting developments over the past year, and this second global conference is expanding its format to two full days on June 16th and 17th 2021, since there was just no way to fit all the great range of speakers, panel and discussion sessions into a single day! 

Come see how Acquia’s team is getting involved at Mautic Conference Global and get your conference tickets here to join in the community festivities. 

Pre-Conference Training

OS Training 

When: June 15th, 12:30-16:30 UTC 

The day before Mautic Conference Global on Tuesday, 15th June, OS Training, one of the top PHP and website building training companies, will host a training session designed to help everyone sharpen their Mautic skills. This Training Day will cover a wide range of topics from installing and configuring Mautic, mastering Mautic channels, adding contacts and components and much more! All participants will also get educational Mautic handouts and a one year subscription to included with their ticket purchase. 

A portion of the proceeds from all training tickets purchased will also go right back into supporting the work of the Mautic community. Get your tickets here before June 14 to join in the learning.

Acquia Training Day 

When: June 15, 21:00 UTC

Speakers: Mike Sullivan, Senior Digital Consultant at Acquia. Moderated by Theresa Anderson, Senior Digital Experience Strategist at Acquia

Acquians will also be hosting a special training event for anyone interested in taking their marketing campaign efforts to the next level. Our digital experience experts will go over techniques such as advanced segmentation, lead scoring, leveraging customer data and getting the most out of your email forms.  

You can get your tickets for this free two-hour training session, here

Keynotes and General Sessions

Mautic Conference Global Keynote

When: June 17, 16:00 UTC

Speakers: Ruth Cheesley, Mautic Project Lead

As Mautic Project Lead, I will deliver the Global Mautic Conference keynote to update everyone on the progress we’ve made so far and the direction of the Mautic project looking forward.

Track Sessions

Both days programs are organized into a series of tracks designed to teach everyone how to get the most value out of open marketing automation. Conference tracks include: Growing a business with Mautic, Using Mautic with E-commerce, Developing with Mautic, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Automation Best Practices, Open Source and Community. 

  • Scaling and optimising Mautic
  • Developing with Mautic
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Automation Best Practice
  • Open Source
  • Community

Mautic Integration Using Webhooks (Japanese Session)

Speakers: Hikaru Maruyama, Technical Translator

When: June 16, 9:00 UTC

This session for the Japanese Mautic community will provide a real-time demo on how to use Mautic webhooks to automatically connect with and send updates to third-party services.  

Today, Tomorrow, & Beyond: The Future of Mautic and Acquia’s New CX

Speakers: Eric Fullerton, Lead Product Evangelist and Marnie Baxter, Manager of Campaign Operations

When: June 16, 14:00 UTC

Attendees will get an in-depth look at how Acquia has used the abilities of Mautic and Acquia Campaign Studio to break free from our old rigid marketing automation system and empowered us to send better, more targeted communications. 

Ideas to Audit Implementation Using the Mautic REST API (5 Minute Lightning Talk)

Speakers: Prasanna Kulkarni, Senior Manager, Web Analytics & Automation

When: June 17, 15:10 UTC

In this fast and informative Lightning Talk, we’ll go through valuable use cases for using the Mautic REST API, including how to find which segments make up campaigns, which fields are updated by campaigns and ideas to automate the correction of bad forms through the API. 

A GitHub Python code sample link will also be provided to attendees at the end of the talk! 

Lighten Up! Dynamic Content Does Your Heavy Lifting

Speakers: Marnie Baxter, Manager of Campaign Operations

When: June 17, 14:00 UTC

This session will demonstrate how to effectively use Mautic’s Dynamic Content in the Email Builder to personalize sends, reduce the amount of emails to build and track your dynamic content for more efficient and relevant email communications. 

Why Web Developers Need MarTech Experience Beyond the CMS in Today's Digital World 

Speakers: Alan Hartless, Software Engineering Manager

When: June 17, 20:00 UTC

This session will explore the evolution of the digital experience market and why web developers need to look beyond coding just CMS and WEM solutions to remain relevant and continue adding value to their communities and customers.

Panels and Q&As

Japanese Q&A Panel Discussion (Japanese Session)

Speakers: Hikaru Maruyama, Technical Translator at Acquia and Katz Chief Communications Officer at concrete5 Japan 

When: June 16, 10:30 UTC

In this session, all Japanese track speakers will discuss the day’s content and answer questions from participants.

Fireside Chat: Funding and Sustainability in Open Source Projects

Speakers: Dries Buytaert, Drupal Project Lead and Acquia co-founder and CTO and Ruth Cheesley, Mautic Project Lead 

When: June 16, 12:00 UTC

This fireside chat will dive into important questions and considerations occurring throughout open source communities:

  • Should open source projects expect contributors to work for free, or is that exploitative?
  • How can open source projects maintain the volunteer spirit at the heart of open source while also ensuring that it is sustainable for individuals and organisations to support their projects?
  • How can we make contributing to open source accessible to those who do not have the privilege of free time?
  • Should open source be exploring new economic models to make the work sustainable?

Mautic Community Council Panel Discussion

Speakers: Ruth Cheesley, Favour Kelvin, Ekke Guembel

When: June 17, 13:00 UTC

The Mautic Community Council is an important part of our governance structure, consisting of the team leads, Project Lead and representatives from Acquia. In this session you will have an opportunity to submit questions to the panel facilitator which will be discussed by the Community Council.


The power of open technology and community-driven innovation is never more clear than when we’re all able to come together and learn from others around the world. From networking to panels to hands-on training, this year’s Mautic Conference Global offers a unique opportunity to celebrate our contributions and see what’s ahead on the Mautic roadmap.

If you’d like to take part in the second annual Mautic Conference Global, register here. Tickets start at just $5. In the spirit of open source collaboration, all attendees are encouraged to pay what they can and come with open minds and an eagerness to discover something new.

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