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Understanding Product Experience Management (PXM)

August 9, 2021 6 minute read
Product experience management can be a pivotal strategy for refining and elevating your customer's experience.
Blog header image: Understanding Product Experience Management (PXM) article.

If you want to elevate your customer experience you need to personalize and enhance interactions with your products at every step. Developing your product experience management (PXM) strategy takes an understanding of how to sync the customer journey with product information and digital content across all channels.

In order to build memorable product experiences for your customers, you need PXM software that can help you deliver your information and content at exactly the right time. With the right technology, you can give customers personalized interactions that reduce product returns, encourage positive product reviews, and build brand loyalty. Let’s define product experience management and then get into some examples of how to do it. 

What is product experience management (PXM)?

Product experience management (PXM) is how you build and present a consistent, personalized product experience to each customer at the right time at every step of their journey.

PXM involves everything from the design of your product details page (PDP) to what action triggers a recommended product pop-up in your mobile app. Your PXM strategy might call for showing personalized content to email subscribers who are navigating your site. Or you could build specific product experiences for different languages and cultures. 

Shoppers have more options to buy online than they ever have before and the slightest inconsistency can cause them to ignore you and buy from another brand. If one of your ideal customers interacts with you on Instagram, your product information and content need to shine on that channel. If you don’t meet their needs, you’ll likely lose customers without even knowing it. 

PXM demands a strong foundation of highly organized product information and digital assets. That takes the right software to manage the standardization, optimization, and distribution of everything from your tech specs to product images.

What is PXM software?

PXM software is responsible for sending product data and content out to all channels and getting information back to optimize experiences. It’s typically a stack of technology that requires a combination of product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) solutions.  

In many companies, product data and digital assets are spread across inefficient silos and not organized well. When you bring DAM and PIM solutions together to support your PXM strategy, you provide your company with a central source of truth to work from. This gives your product managers the capacity to build quality customer experiences as new market opportunities are identified. 

PXM software is also responsible for everything from rich content creation to optimization, using automation and artificial intelligence (AI). When you have large product catalogs, it can help you apply marketing content and improve search engine performance. PXM technology uses two-way functionality to evolve customer experiences as your shoppers step through their buying journey. 

With the right stack of PXM software, you can reap benefits like reduced product returns, positive product reviews, and increased conversions. Here are a few trusted PXM vendors. 

Akeneo PXM Studio can help you create and share engaging omnichannel product experiences.

  • Deliver a consistent product experience across all your channels
  • Expand your product offerings
  • Speed time-to-market
  • Increase sales conversion rates

Salsify PXM software helps to continuously drive performance on the digital shelf.

  • Centralize and manage product content across the entire organization from a single place
  • Activate content and experiences across any channel fast and easily
  • Engage shoppers with compelling product experiences
  • Continuously optimize content and product experiences for discovery and conversion

Acquia DAM (Widen)
Acquia DAM delivers the centralized foundation for your entire content lifecycle and creates operational efficiencies by providing a central source of truth for your product information and content.  

  • Catalog, control, and deliver rich media assets from a central source of truth
  • Enrich product data with marketing copy and digital assets for distribution
  • Track and measure assets, and build site performance dashboards
  • Streamline collaboration, reviews, and approvals with online proofing

Benefits of product experience management software

It’s not enough to have a great product details page, you need to build a consistent experience from beginning to end. With product experience management software you can make sure customers get the right content (like sizing charts) at the right time across every touchpoint. Here are some of the benefits of using PXM software. 

  • Reduce return rates
  • Boost positive product reviews
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Drive sales conversions

How to build a memorable product experience for your customers

Now it's time to start thinking about how you’ll actually build a memorable product experience for your customers. You can build many different experiences as long as you have centralized, easy-to-manage, and appealing data. 

One of the simplest and most effective places to start is your product details page. Design an experience that includes an accurate description and tech specs, high-quality images, and all the information people need to make an informed purchase. With a solid and engaging PDP, you can ensure people are expecting the product that shows up at their door.

Once you have a PDP design that performs, you’ll need to extend and evolve that product experience across all of your channels. For example, if someone finds your product in email or Instagram, you want the product info and content to be consistent from their first touch to when they add it to their cart.

You can add different kinds of rich content to sweeten the journey and differentiate your experience from others. Customers love to pick up a product and spin it around in their hands. Adding 360º spin photography to your content mix can increase conversion by as much as 47%

Find the right PXM software for you

With the right PXM software, you can design omnichannel product experiences that drive conversions, reduce returns, and increase brand loyalty. Once you create a central source of truth to manage, organize, and distribute your product information and digital assets it’s easier to build new omnichannel customer experiences.

It’s likely that your PXM strategy requires a combined DAM and PIM solution. More than 800 of the world’s most respected brands use Acquia DAM to store, manage, and publish their online product content and information. 

Request, watch, or click through a demo of Acquia DAM to see how we can help you advance your product experience management strategy today.


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