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Acquia Announces Launch of Acquia Cloud Site Factory Stacks

Acquia is proud to announce the release of a new, breakthrough capability within Acquia Cloud Site Factory. Available today, Acquia Cloud Site Factory Stacks brings ubiquitous multisite delivery, management and control, empowering different brands, regions, and teams to manage their own digital experiences.

Acquia’s solution for multisite management is now the industry’s only digital experience platform that can deliver strong governance along with the flexibility to support multiple development teams, multiple regions, multiple brands, multiple compliance standards, and multiple versions of Drupal, all with a single solution.

With this release, Acquia Cloud Site Factory now has the capabilities to deploy and manage multiple Stacks; enabling groups of sites to be spun off from multiple codebases, all within a single instance of Acquia Cloud Site Factory, regardless of site complexity. This evolution expands Site Factory’s functionality, regional deployment, and governance while opening up many new possibilities including:

  • Different teams within an organization can now deploy their own sites on the Stacks solution, yet all sites can be managed from a centralized console.
  • Support for dramatically different sites that require unique digital experience functions or infrastructure can now be delivered and managed centrally.
  • Drupal 8 sites may be independently managed alongside Drupal 7 sites within a unified management console.

Helping Digital Marketing and IT Deliver Experiences Together

Realizing multiple digital experience sites at global-scale takes teamwork. Digital marketers and IT teams need the right tools in place in order to effectively work together to deliver the applications, the content, and the site management infrastructure that together define an organization’s digital experiences. Marketing controls the brand, the look and feel, and the overall experience of each site where IT manages and maintains the backend. Marketing values time for creativity and automation that does not slow down the process of delivering the experience. IT is focused on ensuring uptime and performance, mitigating security risks, and powering continuous innovation and development across brands, regions, and experience teams. Each team needs to execute with hyper efficiency to enable both to run at the speed of today’s global digital businesses.

Acquia Cloud Site Factory has long provided excellent delivery and governance tools for satisfying the needs of both marketing and IT teams. Now with Stacks, both teams have more flexibility to deliver and manage multiple digital experience applications and sites based on the brand, experience, and deployments while making it easy to centrally manage and control.

Stack Site Group

ACSF Stacks brings the following benefits to the digital experience team:

  • Faster, hassle-free campaign launches: Stacks increases creative freedom without sacrificing speed. The reduced burden on DevOps means that those technical resources can focus on new features and improvements instead. This also reduces total cost without impacting the experience.
  • Speed time-to-market and performance assurance: Acquia will handle spikes in traffic when a marketing campaign takes off and succeeds so you never worry about performance.
  • Mitigated security risk: By using dedicated multisite infrastructure, centrally accessed and controlled from a unified management console, security features and patches can be applied to multiple sites at once, minimizing risk across the board and reducing vulnerabilities.

As the demand for digital business and marketing increases, digital experience teams in marketing and IT are facing many challenges to achieve success:

  • The need to lower the costs of website delivery and management
  • To close the widening skills gaps in executing new digital approaches
  • To transition to IT service providers to enable continuous, efficient digital business operations

ACSF Stacks provides digital experience and platform owners a common platform and governance approach which translates into lower site costs, managed complexity, and a proven IT service provider ready platform.

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