The Principles of Acquia’s Partner Program

Why Acquia's partner-first motto sets us apart from the competition and helps our partners deliver customer success.

The concept of “open” is at the core of everything we do - from code to community, we strive to build honest and productive relationships with our partners that are driven by a mutual goal to achieve customer success. 

Our “partner-first” promise stems from the beliefs of Acquia’s CEO, Mike Sullivan, and this founding commitment to our partners is felt throughout the entire organization. Our partners are vital in paving the road we take when delivering results to our customers. This shared vision of what customer success means for Acquia and our partners allows us to be the best possible teammates and work together to solve customer problems and push the boundaries of innovation. Below is what being a partner-first organization really means to Acquia. 

The Principles of a Great Partnership

The heart of a great partnership is accomplishing more together. Our goal is joint success. We measure that success by working with our partners to win new logos and discover new opportunities in the marketplace. Last year, we saw 52% growth in partner-sourced bookings. In each case, partners are winning expert services when they work alongside us. These services range from brand strategy and design to integration and optimization. This forms the basis of how we go to market with our partners and these pillars build the foundation of our success. 

1. Innovation drives growth.

We believe in providing the most innovative platform; one that can scale for mid-market and enterprise needs. We enable our partners to implement their own creative solutions in ways that allow them to differentiate. And as a result of their ability to set themselves apart from the market, our partners continue to grow and make a name for themselves in a wide variety of verticals and regions.

2. Agility and affordability rule.

Partners are under increasing pressure to deliver solutions faster and for less money. Our modern open architecture, modular approach and unparalleled ease of use ensure that solutions are delivered rapidly and affordably. This is not only for initial launches but for the continuing adoption of the technology throughout businesses. Partners are able to be more nimble in how they compete and win work. Meanwhile, customers are benefitting from rapid deployments and a superior return on investment.  

3. Empowerment is key, not competition.

More than 95% of our implementations in the market are completed by partners. On rare occasions, a customer insists on Acquia delivering services in a project. Sometimes a new partner has yet to experience integrating one of our products. In these examples, we will provide expert services to address those challenges. However, our goal is to be partner-led. We believe that it is our responsibility to elevate their work, not to compete with them. 

Our partner-first approach is designed to champion innovation, differentiation and growth. We are dedicated to helping our partners create the best solutions for their customers. We have a duty to maintain our speed to market, ease-of-use and affordability. Unlike our competitors, Acquia openly collaborates with our partners, rather than seeking to dominate and overwhelm them. Lastly, our platform and partner program will always remain open to ensure a diverse, ever-expanding pool of knowledge and solutions. At Acquia, we believe that being customer-first means being partner-first. Our approach ensures that the spotlight of success is shared.

If you’re interested in taking part or just learning more, reach out to the partner team by emailing: [email protected]

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