Our Offer to Help Organizations on the COVID-19 Front Lines

How Acquia is committed to providing the most scalable and reliable industry support for organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In a world where business is done online more than ever before, digital engagement and communication are mission critical for all organizations. This is especially true for those organizations working on the front lines during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Acquia provides the platform that powers many of the world’s most visited websites. We also provide the technology that allows thousands of organizations to engage their customers and the public. Many of our customers are already benefiting from the ability to rapidly design, build and launch new sites that run on a platform with unmatched flexibility and scalability. 

We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 outbreak while providing the most reliable industry support for organizations on the front lines of the pandemic. Below is an update on current and future support.

Our Offer to Help 

For organizations such as government agencies, education, healthcare and non-profit organizations who are communicating real-time information or providing relief to the public and employees during the crisis, Acquia is offering full service, support and platform capabilities. 

If you need immediate assistance with your efforts, we’re ready to help. You can contact us right now to apply. Existing Acquia customers should engage directly with their account manager. 

We are committed to supporting your organization in the following ways: 

  • You can leverage our leading site building tools to rapidly design, build and launch sites with little or no programming.
  • Our technology scales to accommodate massive spikes in traffic to ensure consistent, up-to-date delivery of crisis-related information. This includes the continuous monitoring of systems and recommended improvements as needed. 
  • We will review Drupal code to help ensure it’s optimized and will scale with increased volume. 
  • Our teams can help you implement solutions to communicate with your customers across digital channels like email and SMS.  

How Our Customers are Responding 

Thousands of organizations, including more than a hundred government agencies, as well as many higher education institutions, nonprofits and healthcare providers are leveraging Acquia’s Open Digital Experience Platform. Here are just a few of the ways that our customers are responding by utilizing our platform: 

  • Medical and healthcare organizations are leveraging digital personalization based on geolocation to engage patients and the public with information most relevant to them.  
  • In the public sector, government agencies are leveraging our platform to communicate critical health and emergency information to constituents through landing pages and electronic campaigns. 
  • Companies are using segmentation technology to personalize communications based on unique customer circumstances and profile. We have seen a number of financial services institutions leveraging this technology to provide updates on financial markets.
  • As people search for ways to give back to their communities, a number of nonprofits are using digital solutions to connect with donors and collect funds.  
  • We are supporting numerous churches and religious institutions who are holding services remotely and now need to enable digital collections.
  • Higher education institutions are moving their classrooms online and turning to e-learning technology to continue educating their students digitally.
  • Employee communications are more critical than ever. Businesses are utilizing employee portals and information centers to keep employees informed and engaged. 

Our Support for Drupal

As the leading Drupal company in the world, we are doing the following in support of the Drupal community: 

  • Acquia is making a financial donation to the Drupal Association to support the community and help fund operations while normal fundraising methods have been disrupted.   
  • As the largest sponsor of DrupalCon, we pledge to donate our sponsorship fees back to the Drupal Association in the event that DrupalCon is canceled or postponed.  
  • We are working closely with the Drupal Association and other top contributors to help fund other initiatives in support of the community.  

Our Commitment to Your Business 

You can read more about our operational readiness in this blog post from our COO, Stephen Reny. If you’re a customer or partner, you can contact our customer support, sales and success teams through our self-ticketing system, call us directly based on your region or reach out to your account manager.  

We are keeping a close eye on the evolving situation and will keep our Acquia community informed of any changes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any other questions or concerns.