Opening Up: What Is the Biggest Influence on Your Customer Journey?

The customer journey has grown more complex than ever. We asked Acquians what channels, content and moments matter most when they make a purchase.

Welcome to the latest installment of our “Opening Up” blog series where we share Acquians’ perspectives on hot topics in the world of digital experience. 

At Acquia, we know that building memorable customer experiences starts with viewing the world from the customer’s perspective and learning exactly what kind of experiences people want to have when they visit a website or interact with a brand. Today, the customer journey has grown more complex than ever before with people navigating an array of digital channels, devices and modalities. To get a personal look at what resonates with customers today, we asked Acquians from across all departments from marketing to sales to customer success to share what factors have the most influence on their own buying decisions. Here’s what they said: 

“The last big purchase I made was DJ gear from Pioneer. I purchased it because their reputation is that of the industry standard. In addition, they have amazing content across social media channels, such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. They also post lots of how-to videos featuring professional DJs giving their glowing reviews of the products and sharing their secrets regarding how they use the gear.”

-James Eaton, Master Solutions Engineer

COVID-19 accelerated the closing of a store that sells camping gear I get emails from. They sent an email about new discounts, so I bought a tent.”

-Ben Silverman, Social Media Manager

“I bought a new guitar recently. I went to a custom shop this time, so it was very important to understand the brand and the methods they used to build the guitar. I watched videos about the history of the company, learned about the team and the personal touches they added while crafting the guitar. Once I filled out the request, they sent an email and a rep from the brand jumped on a video call with me to chat about my needs. They also sent me interesting videos of similarly configured guitars being played.”

-Rohan Ranjan, Solutions Engineer

“The last big purchase I made was a bed. It was directly influenced by an email I received. We had been looking at a bed from a favorite retailer, but had decided it was too expensive. We were going to have a carpenter friend make one instead for less money, but literally, the day I was going to write a check for that work, I got an email about a sale from this retailer. The bed was on sale, making it less expensive to buy it there than through our friend.”

-Lauren Mistretta, Senior Director, Strategy and Planning

“First, I check out the official product marketing materials. Then, I read numerous review sites to get a general picture of the reality. If they diverge too far from each other, I choose another option.”

-Byron Norris, Global Support Manager

“I generally do a lot of comparison shopping and lots of research. I always like to buy bigger things with a good value for the cost while researching if the item is dependable and reliable.”

-Kaynen Heikkinen, Software Engineer

“My last purchase was based on a referral from a trusted friend. The topic came up organically in a Zoom call.”

-Angie Byron, Senior Director, Community and Product Development

“I recently purchased a smoker after researching the decision for almost a year. As I dug into resources online, the biggest influences on my decision were:

  •  Customer reviews, particularly around support post-purchase

  •  Industry expert reviews

  • Promotions and discounts

  • Responsiveness to my pre-purchase questions.”

-Chris Wilson, Customer Success Manager

“I watched video reviews, checked out recommendations from experts and later made the purchase once I got an email notification that the product was on sale.”

-Cyrus Nations, Solutions Engineer

“My last purchase was getaway tickets! I was (knowingly) micro-targeted with ads about this glamping site through my social media. I looked at their Instagram content and saw customers beaming about their experience. I also looked at their website that was user-friendly and attractive, which are factors that play into where I spend my money.”

-Miwako Chimura, Human Resources Specialist


What channels and content are the most influential on your own buying decisions? Let us know on Twitter @Acquia.  

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