Opening New Doors for Contextual Commerce in Drupal

We've been helping our customers integrate Drupal sites with commerce platforms for the past half-decade, but there is a new approach. Learn more.

Acquia has been helping our customers integrate their Drupal sites with various commerce platforms for the past half-decade but there’s an interesting commerce model that’s gathering attention and momentum - a modern, “buy-on-the-fly” approach called ‘contextual commerce’. Think about being able to buy items directly from Instagram without jumping to Amazon to complete the purchase - that’s contextual commerce. This type of experience is extending across digital platforms and brands need to be prepared to meet customers where they are.

In conjunction with two of our commerce partners, Elastic Path and BigCommerce, we are bringing a similar capability to Drupal with an open source module that allows you to create your own contextual commerce experiences for your customers, that will help you engage with customers on their terms, endear them to your brand, and improve conversion rates.

We call this new open module Acquia Commerce Framework (ACF), which combines Drupal as the "glass" and a decoupled e-commerce platform to power the commerce engine. ACF is an open-source reference architecture that allows Drupal developers, Javascript developers, and site builders to create both traditional catalog shopping and contextual shopping experiences quickly.

Have a travel blog and want to promote a product you’re selling that compliments the topic? Are you a B2B manufacturer who wants to capture interest in the moment? Writing an article about Black Friday deals? Let the reader click an ‘add-to-cart’ button right within the article. Everything looks seamless, consistent with the branding of the rest of the site. For the content authors, the product information is just like any other content in the system. They can view it, reference it, or embed it easily without any special effort. This allows them to place the product and commerce data in context in the ways your audience expects.

Take a look at this quick intro video about the Acquia Commerce Framework here.

If you’re a developer or agency looking at various approaches to bring commerce into Drupal, you’re going to love what we’re cooking up. To learn more, go to

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