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Making Data Collection Easier With Acquia Lift & Google Tag Manager

Over the last few years, I’ve watched Acquia Lift grow from a highly specialized personalization tool to an easy-to-use staple of the Acquia Marketing Cloud. At each iteration, the interface becomes more intuitive, its reporting more complete and its functionality more useful. In fact, as it has matured, the tool has become downright inviting for even a novice marketing team.

Today, we’re happy to announce another important step along that journey, this time through easier integration with Google Tag Manager. 

Over the last several months, Acquia worked with Bounteous -- our 2019 North American Partner of the Year -- to develop custom GTM templates available free of charge for download from the Google Tag Community. It’s an addition that closes the loop between Google’s advanced analytic tools and Acquia’s highly flexible personalization platform. For marketers, this simple addition brings even more useful feedback as you craft your ongoing personalization campaigns.

The Power of Personalization

Personalization is among the most important tools a marketer has in their digital quiver. Personalization allows you to transform a site visit from a static, impersonal transaction to a compelling conversation between your customer and your company’s products and messaging. It means that you’re not just talking about yourself, you're having an active conversation with your customer.

As Acquia’s Eric Fullerton notes, personalization is not just a “nice to have” feature -- it’s an essential part of your ongoing growth. In 2017, Gartner reported that 81% of marketing leaders believed that their companies would compete mostly or completely on the basis of CX. 

Transforming Personalization

Lift makes personalization easy, providing a number of segmentation options out of the box. But to really master your efforts, you’ll need to watch and respond to the more nuanced actions your visitors take as they traverse your site.

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For example, think of a B2B site featuring newsletter subscriptions, webinar registrations, ROI calculators, demo videos or e-book downloads. Recording when a user interacts with any of these possibilities becomes an essential part of understanding exactly who your customers are and what they are most interested in.

Of course, measuring these transactions is a bread-and-butter function of Google Analytics. But tying these events to Lift was previously a more involved and technical process. It required copying and pasting JavaScript and editing code for each individual action. 

 Enter Google Tag Manager and our new templates for Acquia Lift, a solution with no code required.

Tying the Knot: Lift and Google Tag Manager 

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a management tool used for adding marketing, analytics and advertising “tags” to your website. It helps record actions on your site, for example, as “events” in Google Analytics and as “conversions” on other advertising platforms. For marketers who have implemented this tracking already via GTM, adding new Acquia Lift event tracking will be able to efficiently capitalize on existing triggers and variables. 

All that’s required is to download the new custom GTM template from the Google Community Templates site and configure as you would any other custom GTM template. That’s it. No more custom JavaScript, and no more heavy lifting from developers. 


Customize Lift For Your Needs

Tracking custom events in Lift is now much easier for GTM users integrating with Acquia Lift. 

All it takes is the time to connect your personalization objectives to discrete and measurable goals through the flexible settings in Lift, then implementing the new Lift Template in Google Tag Manager.

Personalization takes time and effort. But when approached thoughtfully and executed well, personalization will continue to make a big impact on both user experience and the bottom line. 

Thanks to Bounteous, an Acquia Preferred Partner and inaugural Lift Solution Partner, for their initiative, collaboration, and support around Acquia Lift and Google Tag Manager. At Acquia, we strive to be “partner first,” and this contribution is a great example of how we both benefit when working together as a team.

To learn more about the winning combination of Lift and Google Tag Manager, check out the Bounteous post, here.

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