Introducing Acquia Reinvigorated Solr 7 Search

We're introducing the latest version of Acquia Search with Solr 7. This Search-as-a-service platform offers a faster, scalable search experience.

Search is a vital part of any digital experience. Providing a way for users to easily navigate and discover content on any digital platform is key to keeping user engagement high. If it becomes a challenge for your users to find what they are looking for, they may lose interest and leave your site altogether. A digital experience is not complete without some way to be able to search and find relevant content quickly. 

Acquia Search is based on the popular Solr open source enterprise search server used by organizations worldwide to index content and execute searches with faster performance for larger data sets than the default Drupal database search. Acquia Search delivers a  60% to 500% improvement in response time compared to Drupal’s built-in search. Acquia's fully managed Search is an easy to configure Solr search service that eliminates the pains that come with establishing search on digital platforms.

Acquia’s reinvigorated Solr Search offers a way for your customers to quickly find the most relevant information while maintaining site engagement and enhancing discoverability. Discoverability empowers site users to find content that enables them to stay engaged with the site. Another benefit of Acquia Search with Solr 7 is increased indexes. Frequent site indexing provides fast search response times. 

Our new Search platform also supports auto scaling that increases with traffic spikes, ensuring that search is always available. Since Acquia Search is active across five servers, web teams can be confident that the search function won’t go down or falter. Last but certainly not least, Acquia Search is fully managed by Acquia. Acquia Search is a Search-as-a-service platform which means that businesses don’t have to worry about taking on operational costs to meet their needs or have a third-party contract. This Search-as-a-service model allows for greater agility and scalability as organizations grow and may need to power multiple channels or divisions within a single search solution. 

Acquia Search is fully integrated with Acquia Cloud Platform which makes it easy to set up. Acquia Search is fully managed by Acquia so you can focus on what matters. Acquia Search has new capabilities within the Cloud UI that allow you to create and manage your indexes. Acquia Search with Solr 7 is also fully integrated with Acquia Cloud Site Factory to deliver fast and Drupal optimized search at scale across your entire site portfolio.

Acquia Search with Solr 7 is compatible with Drupal 9. Acquia Search is built to meet or exceed FedRAMP controls. Federal customers can fully utilize Search at the GA date. Due to Acquia’s audit schedule, Search will be FedRAMP attested by February 2022. 

If you would like to learn more about how to get started contact your account representative today or request a demo.

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