How Acquia Delivers Long-Term Value for Our Partners

Peter Ford, VP of Global Channels, Partners & Alliances shares why partners earn long-term value and grow their offerings through digital experience.

Every business success today depends on building meaningful customer relationships that foster trust, loyalty and high lifetime customer value. As the Vice President of Global Channels, Partners and Alliances at Acquia, I’m invested in applying those same principles to our partner program. From my exhaustive experience at companies like Interwoven and Adobe, I’ve seen how the digital experience market has evolved from traditional content management and individual product solutions to platforms optimizing the entire customer life cycle. A decade ago, digital marketers focused mainly on generating customer demand and driving as many leads as possible. Now, success depends on optimizing every interaction, so that customers feel recognized and connected to the businesses they engage with. As Acquia enters a new phase in our company’s own evolution with the recent launch of our Open Digital Experience Platform, we are embracing the same shift from acquisition to lifetime value within our partner ecosystem. 

Tapping into Opportunities for Future Growth  

Back in 2018, Acquia adjusted the size of our partner network from thousands of partners to a few hundred organizations who we believed embodied our core mission to deliver the world’s most ambitious digital experiences. We aimed to devote more time and resources to the partners who were most committed to their customers and had the best opportunity to grow and mature their offerings for customers. 

Over the last year, Acquia has invested in our own growth as well with three acquisitions to add marketing automation, low-code site building and customer data solutions to our portfolio. As we extend our product vision to meet the demands of today’s multi-experience landscape, we want to focus on helping our partners bolster their own services and abilities to deliver more valuable experiences to their customers. We know that when companies buy a digital experience platform they aren’t just purchasing a product that solves an existing problem; they’re making a long-term investment that will future-proof their organizations to handle any digital disruption.

Customers want the freedom and flexibility to choose a best-of-breed approach with all of their applications, which requires working with experts who understand how to integrate new products without having to dismantle their entire stack. When you partner with Acquia your customers won’t be locked into a particular outcome or set of capabilities. Through our diverse digital experience portfolio and focus on innovation, we’re seeking to grow the services partners can provide for years to come and open up new pathways for businesses that they may not have imagined before.

Acquia’s open, interoperable architecture and digital support experts give partners the ability to complete these integrations quickly and at scale. Our goal is to help partners better nurture their customer relationships and grow their own offerings over time through a combination of comprehensive onboarding and certifications, promotion of success stories in the field and opportunities to leverage future services. We’ve chosen to work with the best of the best, and we want to help our partners achieve their highest potential through continuous innovation and collaboration.

Supporting a Collaborative Partner Community

What sets Acquia apart from every other digital experience company are our roots in open source. Our platform is built upon the continuous progress made within the Drupal community and a commitment to shared knowledge and sustainable progress. Acquia continues to be the largest contributor to Drupal development because we understand that by working alongside a global network of developers, marketers and digital businesses, we can accomplish far more than if we went it alone. 

We hope to bring that same sense of community and collaboration to all of our partner relationships. Accomplishing this means that we will be more proactive in involving our partners in every opportunity we touch. We empower partner organizations to quickly implement innovative technology solutions and deploy powerful digital experiences. Yet, these wins need to demonstrate significant mutual value for partners over time, not just when securing the initial deal. 

We believe that the best way to achieve this is by encouraging partner involvement at every phase of the relationship and arming partners with the tools and knowledge they require to grow their own offerings alongside Acquia’s portfolio and deepen their own customer understanding. Acquia’s investments in customer data and machine learning at the foundational level will help our partners better leverage customer intelligence in their own operations and deliver the kind of personalised and differentiated service brands desire. 

Transforming Partner Experience into Customer Experience

The notion that we are all living in the Experience Economy extends beyond just the end customer. Restructuring our partner approach means applying the same principles that we aim to build with our customers (lifetime value, mutual trust and consideration, and personalised understanding) to our partner relationships as well. 

Our Partner Managers are creating co-marketing opportunities with partners to make their success stories more visible and attract more potential customers down the road. Similarly, we are reimagining our current partner pages to make our partner services more discoverable and tell stronger stories about who our partners are and what they do. 

Acquia’s partner network is unique in that we work with top Drupal experts, creative agencies and technical service professionals across the globe. As we build out a more visible platform for our partners, we aim to highlight the personalised value that they bring to the table. Furthermore, we want to grow the ROI of Acquia partners by extending their involvement in our renewal program. Our account management team will work to seek out future opportunities where partners can extend their business. 

When you partner with Acquia, you gain more than powerful technology. Our collaborative network combines tools and strategic customer knowledge so that partners can offer clients data-driven recommendations and tap into new opportunities beyond the initial project. With each new success, teams can grow their collective capabilities and continue to refine and innovate their business model so they can keep pace with the ambitions of their customers. 

To learn more about how Acquia’s new DXP strategy can help our partners create more opportunities for growth, watch my recent Partner Bootcamp with Acquia’s Executive Team. 

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