The Future of Marketing Is Open with Acquia Marketing Cloud

See how marketers are embracing "open" through the agile, flexible and accessible Acquia Marketing Cloud.

Last week, our CTO and cofounder Dries Buytaert announced our vision for an open DXP. As he explained, open source means freedom to create whatever you want without any limitations. But beyond open source, marketers are embracing the idea of “open” too, as open marketing leads to a powerful understanding of customers, which in turn can be used to deliver more relevant and impactful experiences that increase ROI.

But what does “open” really mean in the marketing world? We believe that for marketers, “open” represents:

  1. Agility: Open marketing solutions help companies quickly respond to changes. This agility reduces both the time to market and the costs of implementing new solutions. With open marketing, brands future-proof their business for changes in infrastructure, business or market dynamics, scale and even global circumstances, like those brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  2. Flexibility: The flexibility of open marketing means brands can configure unique business rules, nomenclature, geographies, languages and anything else directly into the platform and across the entire data pipeline. This allows marketers to analyze their business in the ways they need, as well as segment, act on and engage customers based on those same data sets. The flexibility to conduct marketing on their own terms — not on the terms defined by their systems and platforms — ultimately enables marketers to increase engagement rates, customer lifetime value and revenue.
  3. Accessibility: Marketing data is used by more than just marketers. Open marketing means any team can access clean, unified data and insights on customers. Open, accessible marketing solutions align the business around a single source of truth so all teams — from marketing to sales to customer support — can better engage with customers in a data-driven manner. With this alignment and access to data comes improved interdepartmental efficiencies and revenue-driving customer experiences. 

At Acquia, these principles of “open” guide us in our goal to enable a seamless, unified approach to marketing regardless of which technologies you’re using, no matter which teams need to use it, and without confining marketing operations or business rules to our own logic. To deliver on this promise, we’ve built Acquia Marketing Cloud to:

  • Integrate with any online, offline, third-party or home-grown system.
  • Allow unique configurations for any business requirement, custom attribute, syntax, etc. without requiring a large-scale services effort. 
  • Be leveraged by all teams across the business, including marketing, IT, customer service, e-commerce, stores and more.
  • Support the business across all domains, brands, geographies, website properties, etc. 

Even as we unify our Marketing Cloud solutions, we remain committed to delivering a platform that will always be open. Acquia’s goal continues to be to offer you the digital experience solutions and freedom you need to respond to whatever market shifts and technological changes come next.

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