Connect with Acquia at MautiCon 2020

Come join Acquia as a sponsor and presenter at MautiCon 2020, the first ever global, all-virtual conference for the Mautic community.

Acquia is excited to announce that we are sponsoring and speaking at MautiCon 2020, the first official world conference for the Mautic community. As an all-virtual global event, MautiCon will bring together speakers and attendees from all over the world to share their experiences using Mautic’s open marketing automation capabilities to grow their businesses and improve the ways they reach their audience. Since Mautic launched in 2014, the project's mission has been to give everyone the ability to build personal, meaningful relationships with customers on any channel through open source marketing software shaped by community-driven innovation. When Acquia acquired Mautic Inc. in 2019 to form the world’s only open marketing cloud, we made a firm commitment to supporting and accelerating the growth of the Mautic community. 

MautiCon will feature a diverse range of topics and presenters from marketers to content strategists to developers, designers and more — all of whom believe in the power of open marketing to do more with digital experience. As an open source community, Mauticans believe that technology should be accessible for everyone, and our community has a wide reach, with Mautic spanning 35 different languages. The MautiCon agenda includes talks in English, Japanese, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German. To make sure as many people have the opportunity to participate, the event will kick off early in the morning on November 17, 2020 and continue all the way through to the evening with recorded sessions available to registrants post-conference. 

Mautic Community Panel

You won’t want to miss the panel hosted by the Mautic Community Council that will give our community an opportunity to ask questions about Mautic’s future roadmap and upcoming initiatives. Join me and fellow council members, Dries Buytaert, Norman Pracht, Radu Zlatianu, Ekke Guembel and Leon-Elias Oltmanns on November 17 at 16:00 UTC to get an inside look at the progress we’ve made so far and the exciting things yet to come

Later in the day, Drupal Founder and Acquia Co-Founder and CTO, Dries Buytaert will also host a session exploring his own journey with open source and the vast potential for open source to drive change around how businesses create innovative customer experiences.   

Here’s an overview of where you can connect with Acquians at MautiCon 2020.  

Keynotes and General Sessions

To Infinity and Beyond! (And How We’re Going to Get There)

When: November 17, 17:00 UTC

As Mautic Project Lead, I will deliver a keynote that will take us on a journey from the early days of Mautic through to the great progress that has been made in the Mautic Community over the past twelve months, and will share the long-term vision for Mautic over the coming years.

Track Sessions 

The conference will have six unique themes: Using Mautic with E-Commerce, Open Source, Growing a Business with Mautic, Developing with Mautic, Scaling and Optimizing Marketing Automation and Marketing Automation Strategy and Best Practices. Throughout the event, Acquians and other attendees will take part in track sessions, fast-paced Lightning Talks and Q&As, exploring everything Mautic has to offer.

Learn how Mautic works within Acquia Marketing Cloud, serving the needs of large enterprise customers. This session will look at the evolution of Acquia Marketing Cloud and how this growth aligns with the Mautic community.  

Campaign Studio & Qualification Exam (Japanese Session) 

When: November 17, 10:30 UTC

Speakers: Hikaru Maruyama, Technical Translator, Acquia

This session will discuss the future direction of Acquia Campaign Studio in Japan and discuss how we are expanding Campaign Studio qualification exams and strategy in Japan. 

Update on Use of Dependent Fields in Mautic Forms

When: November 17, 10:50 UTC

Speaker: Michael Sullivan, Acquia Campaign Studio Ambassador

This lightning talk will give an overview of the Dependent Fields Functionality in Acquia Campaign Studio, which is in the process of being reviewed by the Mautic Community.

Mautic Marketplace

When: November 17, 11:00 UTC

Speakers: Jan Linhart, Staff Software Engineer, Acquia

The marketplace ensures easy extensibility for users and developers and the lack of it is the main blocker in the Mautic ecosystem today. This talk will cover the current state of the Mautic Marketplace and what work still needs to be done.

Creating Data Driven Campaigns

When: November 17, 14:00 UTC

Speakers: Marnie Baxter, Manager of Campaign Operations, Acquia

In the age of the empowered consumer, marketers know personalization is fundamental to providing exceptional customer experiences. This session will cover how to use Acquia Campaign Studio to launch dynamic, marketing automation campaigns and set up custom fields to gather engagement data.

Acquia and the Roadmap to Enterprise with Mautic

When: November 17, 19:00 UTC

Speakers: Dion Picco, VP of Product, Acquia Marketing Cloud

Managing Contributions in an Open Source Project

When: November 17, 20:00 UTC

Speakers: Ruth Cheesley, Mautic Community Lead, Acquia and Dennis Ameling, Assistant Mautic Community Lead 

In this session, members of Mautic’s Product team will cover how to manage open source contributions, the challenges of reviewing proposals and aligning ideas to an open source product vision and what goes into shaping and supporting an open source community. 

Lessons Learned from the Infamous Mautic 3 and the Revolutionary Code Journey Ahead

When: November 17, 21:00 UTC

Speakers: Alan Hartless, Software Engineering Manager, Acquia

This talk will cover the lessons learned from the recent launch of Mautic 3 and how we can move forward and revolutionize Mautic’s core code.  

Digital First as the New Normal

When: November 17, 21:00 UTC

Speakers: Karen Wood, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Acquia Marketing Cloud

Since COVID-19 permanently changed the way people live their lives, the way brands engage with their customers must change as well. We can no longer lean on in-person experiences to build relationships with customers. Now, digital channels are the most-effective, most-practical way for many brands to engage with customers. That means brands need to embrace digital transformation and move fast to adapt to the changing needs of the marketplace. In this session, you can see how industry leaders are making their own digital leap, what they’ve learned along the way, and how their experiences can inform your own transformation.

Streamlining Shoppable Experiences with Mautic

When: November 17, 21:00 UTC

Speakers: Alex Dal Canto, Director of Product Marketing, Acquia

With the rise of COVID-19, the world has shifted to a digital-first reality, forcing brands to adapt their engagement strategies and forcibly shift transactions online. Join us to learn how you can leverage the Mautic Community to refine your digital engagement strategy to create meaningful and shoppable moments to thrive in a digital-first world.


We can’t wait to participate in the first worldwide Mautic conference and spend time meeting and learning from those in the global community. A huge amount of work has occurred in the past year to continue making Mautic the world’s greatest open source marketing automation software, and MautiCon will give us all the chance to meet the people who contribute to making the project what it is. 

If you want to join us, tickets for MautiCon start at $5 (and attendees are encouraged to pay what they can). You can get your ticket today through the Mautic Community Open Collective page.

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