DX Alliance commerce updates

Acquia Partners with Algolia, inriver, and Spryker to Expand Composable Commerce Ecosystem

July 21, 2021 5 minute read
Acquia expands our DX Alliance and composable commerce capabilities with partners Algolia, inriver, and Spryker.
DX Alliance commerce updates

The emergence of new digital touchpoints and ever heightening consumer expectations for both online and offline experiences have made companies reimagine their approach to digital commerce to be fast-acting and flexible. At the start of 2021, Acquia announced the Acquia Digital Experience (DX) Alliance. The DX Alliance combines the joint expertise of Acquia and our technology partners to offer best-of-breed solutions for our customers. One of these solutions is Acquia Digital Commerce, a composable digital commerce solution that accelerates time-to-market and helps companies customize their commerce strategy at scale. 

Composable commerce is a flexible and scalable model that combines a modular architecture with packaged business capabilities, so businesses can reuse and rearrange various functions to create new, innovative experiences again and again. We’re excited about what we’ve done so far with our partnerships with commercetools, Lucidworks and TA Digital as we’ve helped brands transform their commerce ecosystem in less than 90 days. Now, we’ve grown our open technology partner community to offer our customers more choice in how they create digital experiences. 

Today, Acquia announces the expansion of our digital commerce solution with partners inriver, Algolia, and Spryker. Each partner in the DX Alliance was selected for their unique expertise in their field. For our new commerce partners, this includes essential functionalities like search to stock management to online catalog navigation. Shaping Content, Technology and Data into Commerce Experiences 

inriver Transforms the Catalog Experience with Content in Context

So how can you make commerce experiences stand out in a seemingly endless marketplace of retailers? It starts with content. Instead of rows of static product displays that resemble the old-school print catalog, Acquia Digital Commerce leverages inriver’s product information management (PIM) solution to leverage product data across every touchpoint. Inriver turns product data into strategic assets to ensure accurate, consistent, and engaging experiences across channels at scale for SKUs, translations, localizations, and other essential product information. Through low-code tools that link product data directly from inriver PIM to your CMS. Data from the PIM can then be combined with the customer insights and machine learning power of Acquia CDP to serve meaningful content-rich experiences and checkout options. Unlike other online catalogs that are complex and difficult to integrate with a CMS, Acquia Digital Commerce has an intuitive UI and layout that dynamically displays content supported by the right data to suit the right context. 

Spryker Powers Shoppable Experiences On Demand and at Scale

Delivering these meaningful experiences at scale calls for an integrated solution powered by an enterprise-grade commerce engine that is secure and adaptable. Spryker provides a secure and composable backbone which acts as the operating system for both first- and third-party commerce partners and marketplaces. Spryker provides a fast, cost-effective way to create and deploy unique business applications without bottlenecks. Spryker allows businesses to leverage a single platform and infrastructure to create an enterprise marketplace platform and extend the reach of your digital commerce initiatives, including B2B and B2C merchants, multi-brand management and Direct-to-consumer (D2C) models.

Algolia Surfaces Personalized Customer Content in Moments 

Reaching every customer in the moment with immersive, content-rich experiences requires unleashing customer insights and leveraging data both online and off to inform a more personalized experience. Algolia is an API-first search platform that integrates to client storefronts via REST APIs and provides client libraries in 11 programming languages and front-end framework libraries in six languages enabling developers to create unique digital commerce experiences across any channel from web to mobile and voice to in-store kiosks. Algolia provides Acquia clients with transparent, fully customizable ranking and personalization capabilities. Algolia’s AI-optimized search and recommendation platform learns more about each customer’s preferences as they interact with your site and surfaces customer relevant experiences, facets and content in milliseconds. Algolia Answers, a natural language question answering (NLQA) solution allows businesses to continuously generate more relevant recommendations and responses to customer queries. 

Acquia Digital Commerce: The Freedom to Grow Together

The idea of a digital marketplace has evolved from just another checkout line to a series of connected experiences that generate revenue while increasing customer loyalty and overall lifetime value. As part of Acquia Digital Commerce’s MACH-based architecture, businesses and commerce partners can customize experiences and add new functionality at will without sacrificing security or performance. Acquia Digital Commerce embraces repeatability and reuse to accelerate the secure delivery of digital experiences. 

With our DX Alliance and these new Acquia Digital Commerce options, Acquia and our partners are connecting and combining our strengths to provide a full range of commerce services without restriction. As we broaden our collaboration with our partners, we’re extending the capabilities of the Acquia Open DXP. Acquia Digital Commerce lays the foundation and hands you all the pieces to build an exceptional commerce vision. We’re here to help our customers shape that potential into something real and valuable. 

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