Dx technology alliance

Acquia DX Alliance: Elevating Customer Value Through Open Technology Partnerships

January 21, 2021 3 minute read
The DX Alliance empowers Acquia and our technology partners to connect with the open architecture of Acquia DXP to create shared customer value.
Dx technology alliance

Since our inception, Acquia has believed that digital innovation must be open. From our open source roots in the Drupal community to our innovation in building the first and only open digital experience platform (DXP), we know that the best business model is one that gives organizations the freedom to do what’s best for their customers, without limitations.

Delivering personalized digital experiences across the customer lifecycle to drive loyalty, retention and lifetime value requires that brands have full control and visibility over their entire digital ecosystem. They must also be able to connect and build upon each touchpoint to create a unified customer journey. With this in mind, we’re excited to unveil the Acquia Digital Experience (DX) Alliance.

Freedom and Agility Powered by a Best-of-Breed Approach 

Our open culture means we view our partners as co-creators and collaborators. The DX Alliance empowers Acquia and our technology partners to connect their offerings with the architecture of Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP), so together we can grow the collective value and capabilities we deliver to joint customers. Just as Acquia Open DXP gives brands the freedom to choose the best technologies and partners to achieve their unique goals, the DX Alliance enables us to deliver digital experiences in a manner that is customized and future-focused. 

Unlike proprietary providers that limit potential innovation through vendor-lock-in and steep implementation fees, our partners have the choice to design their tech stack to suit their clients’ needs. Acquia’s cloud-native platform ensures integration, scalability and support, no matter what new devices or channels appear on the scene. We believe in giving customers the flexibility to optimize and grow their digital experiences on their own terms.

Investing in Long-Term Success and Future Value

Our approach to working with partners also ensures joint customer success through expert consultations and a reference architecture. The DX Alliance is a truly united initiative where accelerated time-to-value is achieved by investing in our partners’ long-term success far beyond delivery. Alliance partners deliver joint solutions that complement and enhance the power of Acquia Open DXP to design digital experiences that span the customer lifecycle, from faster site building to personalization to digital commerce. Furthermore, the Alliance empowers our partners to provide exceptional service across these joint solutions. 

Today, to mark the launch of the DX Alliance, we announced partnerships with commercetools and Lucidworks, creating the first best-of-breed, open, composable commerce solution: Acquia Digital Commerce.

When you join the DX Alliance, you align your strengths and unmatched customer understanding with the immeasurable opportunity of Acquia’s open digital experience technology. Together, we'll grow our value prop in the market and connect with today’s and tomorrow’s customers. 

Learn more about Acquia Digital Commerce today.

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