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Supercharge shoppable experiences everywhere with composable commerce powered by Acquia DXP.

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Know your Customers

Know your Customers

Running commerce without a CDP is running commerce blindly. Up your game by unifying the rich insights your customers share into a single, 360-degree profile.

Real-time, personalized commerce journeys

Use zero-party, behavioral, product, transactional, financial, and operational insights to drive engagement, foster a relationship, and inspire your customers with Acquia Open DXP. Facilitate conversion & transactions anywhere with any best-in-class commerce engine.

Sell Everywhere
Composable Experience

Sell Everywhere

Quickly create shoppable experiences at every touchpoint. Connect shoppers with meaningful content and embed product data with actionable checkout options.

Sell Everywhere

Get More Orders

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Smarter Mechandising

The right product, the right person, the right time. Meet your customers at every stage of their journey to drive sales and engagement. Fueled by Acquia CDP.

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Online Meets Offline

Give service representatives insight into relevant profile, preference, and purchase history, delivering personalized experiences online and in-person.

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Power Intelligent Promotions

Use AI to add dynamic pricing, offers, and timing into your targeting strategy to incentivize conversion and increase repeat visits.

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Drive Lifetime Value

We make it easier to find your best customers. Identify customer challenges and opportunities and predict lifetime value and potential churn.

Maximize Margins
Augment Customer Intelligence

Make Smarter Decisions

Use machine learning to know what's next. Serve your customers higher-performing products and offers, and make decisions fast to keep them engaged and buying. 

Maximize Margins


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Empower marketers to build digital commerce experiences quickly and easily with intelligent insights and composable content across the entire customer journey.

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Through universal multitenancy and composable multi-site experiences, from CDP to Orchestration and Commerce, Acquia Digital Commerce helps your experience evolve with your business.

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Scale smarter to help your business reach new heights. Auto-scale to reliably support all peaks, and extend to support new data stores, event types, products, channels and experiences.

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Secure and Compliant

Ensure a consistent experience from top to bottom. Optimize operations with microservice & component based architecture to standardize your experience and manage compliance at scale.

The "How" Behind Acquia Digital Commerce

ADC works with Acquia's entire Digital Experience Platform to give you an intelligent, flexible and agile solution. Craft composable, individualized experiences at scale supporting all elements of the customer journey in a digital-first world.

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Personalize your commerce experience to make 1-to-1 connections with their audience and drive conversion. 

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Acquia CDP

Build a cohesive experience from top to bottom, powered by Drupal and Acquia CDP. So you can create a more robust, effective commerce platform.

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Campaign Studio

Automate and orchestrate the customer journey, run your marketing initiatives and drive conversion across touchpoints. 

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Site Factory

Standardize your experience and manage compliance at scale over your entire site portfolio, with multi-site and multilingual experiences. 

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Site Studio

Adapt to your customers’ needs quickly and keep up with new product launches and site components. All with a low-code interface. 

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Cloud Platform

Lay the foundation for your commerce with a robust, cloud-based interface, featuring enhanced Drupal features you won’t find anywhere else. 

Shop with our Commerce Partners

Acquia DX Alliance

Acquia DX Alliance

Acquia’s technology partners deliver an open ecosystem of extensibility with best-of-breed interoperable solutions that extend Acquia Open DXP helping marketers stay nimble.