Acquia Marketing Cloud Introduces New UI Enhancements for a Unified, Marketer-Friendly Experience

The new enhancements to Acquia Marketing Cloud's user interface bring all solutions together for a more unified, marketer-friendly user experience.

The customer journey is multidimensional. Multiple channels, content types and data points overlap, feed off each other and combine in various arrangements to deliver unique experiences. Executing every component of a campaign in sync requires continuous integration and communication between each of your marketing solutions. 

Yet, with thousands of marketing technologies on the market, many companies just add disparate pieces to their martech stacks through mergers, acquisitions and other vendors without putting in the critical effort to make sure that they integrate these tools on the back-end. This results in disjointed experiences that jump from one phase to the next without a sense of cohesiveness. To prevent frustration and confusion for both marketers and customers, Acquia wanted to ensure that as we grew our own platform that we still maintained a frictionless experience. 

In 2019, Acquia expanded our product portfolio with the strategic acquisition of a marketing automation platform, no-code site builder and a customer data platform in order to meet the demands of today’s multichannel landscape. We’ve spent the past year tightly integrating the products and features within Acquia Marketing Cloud to offer a holistic solution supported by a powerful foundation of customer intelligence. These efforts were validated by Marketing Cloud’s recent recognition in Gartner’s Multichannel Marketing Hub Magic Quadrant, which states that multichannel marketing success “requires data-driven insights into customer behaviors and interests, goals, and needs. It also requires knowing how channels operate most effectively — in isolation and in unison — to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.” 

However, we still knew there was more to be done to bring this same sense of unity to our front-end experience. We’re now excited to announce new enhancements to our Acquia Marketing Cloud user interface. Let’s look closer at our recent updates to show how they help marketers collaborate easier, create more relevant experiences faster and leverage essential customer insights to drive real results.

New Unified User Interface Provides a More Complete Marketer Experience 

The new Unified User Interface (UI) for Acquia Marketing Cloud makes it easier to leverage the combined capabilities of Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP), Acquia Personalization, Acquia Campaign Studio and Acquia Campaign Factory. This centralized dashboard provides a single view over all Marketing Cloud solutions and helps marketing teams more easily navigate from one capability to another. The new UI serves as a single point of entry and simplifies operations by providing users with just one master set of credentials to manage. This supports a more efficient workflow across teams and provides complete visibility and jurisdiction over every campaign effort. From data unification to analysis to data-driven campaign orchestration, it's all at a marketer's fingertips.


This update also includes a more streamlined look and feel to improve navigation between each product. Now, marketers can analyze audiences, segment customers for campaigns, build journeys and personalize their websites all through one unified experience. By getting new team members up to speed and building experiences quicker, businesses benefit from faster time to value. Additionally, the more cohesive design and navigation between Acquia CDP, Personalization, Campaign Studio and Campaign Factory drives better alignment across the entire marketing organization by having all users working from the same perspective and seeing how their efforts impact other campaigns in real time.

Of course, the glue holding this user experience together is a central foundation of data and customer intelligence. Acquia Marketing Cloud, anchored by Acquia CDP and a robust machine learning framework, is instrumental to remaining agile and adapting to new opportunities the moment they arise. Making data more easily digestible drives better business decisions and helps marketers more effectively communicate the reasoning behind their work to C-suite executives and stakeholders. When leadership can easily see the connection between marketing and real business impact, it leads to improved collaboration and more aligned efforts throughout the organization. 

marketing cloud UI before and after
                                                                                  Acquia Marketing Cloud UI Before and After

Overall, we believe that the new additions to Acquia Marketing Cloud’s unified UI will serve as a strong base from which various personalized experiences can branch off. With data at the core of all customer experiences and infinite flexibility and potential to extend the impact of marketing initiatives, Acquia believes that our Marketing Cloud is leading the way for brands who want to work smarter, go to market faster and dream bigger as customer experiences continue to scale.

Explore the latest updates to the Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP) by joining our upcoming live demo on June 22. Register for Acquia CDP Live Demo.

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