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Acquia Dev Studio Standardizes Development, Automates Deployment

In today’s digital landscape, developers have a huge toolbox to help them build spectacular digital experiences, but the trick is getting these tools to fit together. Tools can improve the way developers work, and the quality, reliability and overall success of an application. As Drupal matures, new tools are created, and old tools become familiar again. Most Drupal 8 projects should use Git, Drush and Composer, and continuous integration and delivery to test, build and deploy code. 

Standardization is the key to reducing errors and automating common tasks, but it can be difficult to harmonize so many technologies. We recently published Standardizing Your Development Workflow for Drupal 8 and Beyond to describe the value, benefits, and recommendations for common tools and processes, which will simplify common tasks, enforce best practices, and build team knowledge and morale

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Using the new Acquia Dev Studio CLI, a single command can be used to create a new Drupal 8 project in a couple of minutes, leveraging all the tools Acquia recommends, including Lightning, BLT, and Lando and Acquia Pipelines makes it easy to implement automated deployment workflows. Developer Studio is built on two core principles -- an out-of-the-box, developer toolchain that allows for immediate productivity and the ability to swap out or configure all our products to best fit users needs.  These principles are the framework in which we can provide quick, opinionated pathways to build, test, deploy and monitor digital experiences 

There are some jobs to be done that developers shouldn’t have to do, such as security patching or end of life software upgrades. The Acquia Dev Studio automates many of these tasks so that developers can focus on building features and things that drive business value. Acquia Dev Studio empowers developers to focus on tasks that matter without sacrificing flexibility or speed. For a company, this means a huge return on value by allowing for a lower total cost of ownership for development efforts, a faster time to value and flexible product offerings that help companies integrate all of their tools in a well-connected ecosystem.

David Platek

David Platek

Developer Advocate Acquia

As a Developer Advocate, David Platek leverages his Drupal expertise passion for enabling success to engage with the community and drive interest in Drupal and the Acquia suite of products.

David Platek has been working with Drupal for over a decade. As a consultant with Acquia he engages with customers across the higher education, government, and business sectors to provide individualized solutions and recommendations for all layers of organizations, including architecture planning, technical training, application audits, security and performance testing, system migrations, and platform development.

David joined Acquia in 2012 as a Senior Developer on a high-profile project for a large government customer in Washington DC. In 2014 he transitioned into the Technical Consultant role where he enjoyed the opportunity and privilege to work with dozens of customers facing a plentitude of challenges.