Acquia BLT: Build and Launch Tool for Drupal

Build, test, and launch Drupal applications and enterprise-level sites faster with flexible, efficient, and automated workflows out of the box.

Highlighted Features

Testing Framework

Fully functional, default configurations for Behat and PHPUnit tests. BLT provides the libraries, configuration, commands, and example tests to get you up and running quickly and make sure applications work.

Prevent Code Merging Issues

BLT uses pre-commit local Git hooks to check staged code against Drupal coding standards before it ever leaves the developer's machine.

Patching Workflows

Enforce proper patching workflows for modified core and contrib. (BLT does not commit any dependencies to the canonical repository.) Instead, it downloads and patches dependencies as part of a build process that generates a production safe artifact.

Project Automation Tasks

BLT includes commands for syncing environments, compiling front-end assets, and executing tests.

Deployment Artifact Generation

Acquia BLT includes building production-only dependencies and sanitizing production-environment code.