Acquia Pipelines: Build, Test, and Deploy Websites Faster

Acquia Pipelines is a continuous delivery tool to automate development workflow for enterprise-level websites and applications on Acquia Cloud.

Highlighted Features

Utilize Familiar Tools

Use tools like Composer or Drush Make to pull in external dependencies, libraries, or modules automatically without having to commit them to your source repository.

Secure Workflow

Securely access SSH keys, API keys, or other credentials in your CD process.

Streamline ‘Governed Builds’

Access private repositories so developers can only alter the parts of the code base they have authority to, allowing enterprises to enforce security requirements and protect IP. 

Run Tests Smoothly

Run unit tests like PHPunit or functional tests like Behat that require access to a web browser and database server.

Deploy to Any Cloud Environment

Deploy a build artifact to any cloud environment, including dev, stage or production, after a successful build and test.

Automate Process for Clients

Deliver the entire automated CD process to your client along with the site so that the client can keep using it.