Overhead view of five individuals working around a coffee table
Culture in Action

Acquia Culture in Action, January and February 2022

March 2, 2022 4 minute read
Two months into 2022 and Acquians already have a great deal to be proud of this year. Here are highlights on how we've demonstrated our company DNA.
Overhead view of five individuals working around a coffee table
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Culture in Action

The first two months of 2022 have gone by in a flash! We’ve welcomed many new Acquians, recognized promotions and Acquiaversaries, debuted our LinkedIn Live series “Ladies Who Launch,” and celebrated Black History Month. If this is January and February, we can’t wait to see what the spring brings!

#JumpInAndOwnIt: Welcome new hires

We have already welcomed more than 83 new hires in 2022, including 11 through our ongoing partnership with the Northeastern University Co-op Program. This cohort brings a wide range of skills as they join the Marketing, Customer Success, Products, Professional Services, Talent, Engineering and Finance departments. At the beginning of February, the Human Resources team held the Monthly New Hire Social, where participants from different departments and regions got to meet and play Acquia Trivia. 

#CommittedToAwesome: Celebrating employee milestones 

At Acquia, we believe an employee’s tenure is something to be celebrated. Our Acquiaversaries are announced in a weekly internal newsletter and rewarded with points through our recognition platform, Bonus.ly. In 2022, we’ve already honored some big milestones: four 10-year, one 15-year, and one 25-year #Acquiaversaries, plus Acquians who have been with us for one, three, five, and seven trips around the sun!

#StrongerTogether: Black History Month

We value the diversity of cultures and perspectives that our employees share every day. As February is Black History Month, the Acquia Alliance of Black Leaders for Excellence (AABLE) hosted several events. On February 16, AABLE held Virtual Black History and Culture Trivia, where participants tested their knowledge of Black history in fields from science to sports. And on February 28, attendees of A Virtual Tour of Black Broadway took a trip through different time periods to see the rich art and lively neighborhood around U Street in Washington, DC.

#DareToBeDifferent: Ladies Who Launch

This year, we debuted Ladies Who Launch, CMO Lynne Capozzi’s LinkedIn Live series. These conversations feature marketing leaders who’ve taken their careers to new heights. Latané Conant, CMO of 6Sense and author of No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls: The Next Generation of Account-Based Sales and Marketing, proved a lively first guest and gave provocative insights into her career as a marketing powerhouse. We’re looking forward to our second episode on March 9 with Kathy Seegebrecht, CMO of UL, who will provide guidance on gaining leadership skills and becoming comfortable outside the comfort zone. As the series continues, we hope our speakers will empower and inspire the next generation of Ladies Who Launch.

#CommittedToAwesome: Professional development resources 

Communication and collaboration are key to effective teamwork, so we often host workshops to help us continue developing our skills. Acquians in India participated in a workshop called Leveraging DiSC for Effective Collaboration. The DiSC Profile is a personal assessment tool that identifies users’ work personality profiles. The evaluation helps team members recognize how they react to others’ work and communication styles. By realizing how each of us works best, we can better understand how to collaborate, improving teamwork and company culture.

We’ve also launched a new program, Building & Leading Collaborative Teams, in part to welcome our Widen colleagues and all our new hires. The multi-part program enables teams to take a proactive, flexible, and programmatic approach to bring teams through the early stages of team development with the goal of accelerating performance. The program facilitates opportunities to build and foster relationships, enable the teams on critical skills to build trust, move through conflict, and embrace diversity, and to measure the effectiveness of the work of the team. Through this program, we will leverage Franklin Covey’s Leadership at the Speed of Trust, Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, and other internally developed workshops and tools.

We already have a great deal to be proud of this year. As we continue to grow, there are many more milestones to look forward to, Acquians to celebrate, and accomplishments around the corner.

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